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A week before leaving to the empire.

Deruth stretched his body to look outside, and saw the teleport magic scroll that the children bought together as a toy.

It was a random teleport scroll that would take the user to a place without knowing where he was going.

It was a fun game as long as they were a mage or had another teleport scroll to return to.

Deruth didn't use his that time.

'Where am I going, hm?  Let's go for a walk without any disturbance.'

Deruth informed Ron of his departure and immediately tore up the teleport scroll.



Deruth felt his body cold, and could see a beautiful sight as if he was on a mountain.


Deruth instantly used thermal magic to keep him from freezing.

'The scenery here is quite beautiful.'
"What are you doing at the top of Mt. Yellia?"

Deruth was shocked when he didn't sense anyone's presence around him.

Deruth made a defensive stance, looking the man, no, the blond elf up and down a few times.

The blonde elf also did the same as if measuring his opponent's strength.

Deruth straightened up again and bowed 30 degrees to the blonde elf, stepped back and walked away from him.

"Hey, are you going to ignore me? You arrogant mage bastard."

Deruth still ignored the blonde elf.

'Of course I ran!  No matter how strong I am, I can't beat a dragon!'

At the foot of the mountain, Deruth stopped and looked up at the mountain.

"You are in my lair, how could you possibly run from me."

Deruth gasped and wanted to punch the blonde elf who was suddenly behind him.

The blonde elf caught Deruth's punch easily and Deruth couldn't pull his hand back.

The blonde elf held Deruth's chin with an interested look.

"I didn't know there was a magician who could use ageless magic like a dragon. Are you a magic tower master?"

Deruth brushed off the blonde elf's hand that was holding his chin.

"I'm not. If you don't intend to hurt me, then let go of my hand now."

The blonde elf chuckled at Deruth's arrogance.

"Hey little mage, do you know who you're dealing with right now?"

Deruth swallowed his saliva still trying to pull his hand which was swollen from the blonde elf's strength.

"I only came here because of the teleport rendom magic scroll I bought to play with my children."

The blonde elf still didn't let go of Deruth's hand.

"Are you the magic tower master?"

The blonde elf could sense the way the man in front of him used mana was a bit unique.

"Fight with me for a while. I'm interested to know your strength."
"It would be a problem if my kids saw me falling apart."

The blonde elf could see Deruth's eyes which were not frightened at all.

"You dare to refute the dragon's words? Do you want to die?"

The blonde elf showed his reptile eyes.

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