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Deruth was sitting on the sofa when a black bird appeared in the window.

He uses magic to open the window, and the bird enters and transforms into the vampire that Deruth met while teaching.

"What do you want?"

Deruth asked as he managed his students' grades.

Deruth had a headache.

During this time, all the children he took care of were a geniuses, so, learning was very easy for them to understand.

'Their marks are red.'

They all only got one point in all written learning.

'How can they still talk?'

Duke Fredo wanted to speak, but he was worried that Deruth wouldn't listen to him with his gaze super focused on the paper he was marking.

[Note: I feel guilty for not using 'Duke' in Fredo's name. 🥲]

"Why don't you speak?"
"Ah, sorry. I thought you were focused-"
"If you don't want to talk, then get out of my room."

Duke Fredo swallowed his saliva when he saw how cold Deruth was.  It was very different from him when he was with his students.

Duke Fredo could only surrender.

"I want you to save some of the vampires captured in the dungeons of this academy."

Deruth looked at Duke Fredo with a sharp gaze.

"Why don't you save them yourself?"

Duke Fredo sighed softly.

"Our chief is in control of everything, and if he finds out I'm treasonous, all the vampire races will die."

Deruth marked the next exam paper as if not wanting to hear Duke Fredo's sad story.

"Do you know Arm? My leader is the head of the organization."

Deruth once again looked at Duke Fredo and sighed.


Duke Fredo sighed internally as Deruth finally seemed to want to listen to him now.

"Below this academy is a dungeon where they torture and produce dead mana. There's a race of wild vampires who are dissatisfied with that and..."

"They were caught."

Duke Fredo nodded.

Deruth continued to mark the paper as he handed over the map he had made.  Duke Fredo was shocked to see such a perfect map.

"Where is it? I was also thinking of sneaking in to look for information."

Duke Fredo looked at Deruth in disbelief.

"Why are you so serious about being a teacher?"
"For my disguise not to be caught."

Duke Fredo wanted to say that the class Deruth was dealing with was a loser class where it didn't matter if Deruth didn't do anything for that class.

However seeing Deruth who was really serious, he decided to keep quiet.

"May I know your name or your real pseudonym?"

Deruth put down the exam paper and stood up.


Duke Fredo was shocked to hear that.  What was this monster doing on the eastern continent?

"And about Arm, did you team up with them too?"

Duke Fredo just nodded.

"As a race that is despised by gods, we have no choice but to submit to them. The only place we can walk freely in this world is under the rule of the head of the Arm organization."

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