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Rok Soo watched Alberu use his glib tongue until it was his turn.

"Nice to meet you. You must be Rok Soo Henituse who was recently adopted by Count Henituse. I'm sure you will have great achievements in the future."

Rok Soo accepted the compliment easily and had a bright smile on his face.

“I also felt something after meeting your highness today.  I realized that in addition to our current sun, his highness, we also have you, the one who will shine over the night to watch over the citizens at night.  It was a wonderful image for my eyes.”

Rok Soo voice was very calm and relaxed, and he looked very confident.

Alberu's eyebrows rose when he heard that.


Alberu spoke in disbelief.

“Indeed, your highness.  I may not be able to sleep at night now that I have personally met you, the star in the mind of our citizens.”

Alberu smiled and hugged Rok Soo.


Rok Soo was confused by Alberu's actions.

"You're just like me, huh. Nice to have a dongsaeng like you."

Rok Soo stared at Cale.

-Didn't I ever say Alberu is my dongsaeng?  Never?  My bad then.


Rok Soo felt it was a waste of him to stay away from the crown prince when he was one of his brothers.

- Why did this weakling called the crown prince dye his hair with magic?  It is at a level that only a great and mighty dragon like me would notice it.  Did another dragon dye his hair?  No, is it some other type of power?

Rok Soo wanted to curse.

'I don't want to know any of that!'



Deruth was standing on the balcony, holding a cigarette and just about to burn it.

"Do it and I'll show it to your kids later."

Deruth sighed as he saw the golden dragon who had ready to caught his foto of smoking.

"It's not your problem whether I smoke or not."

Deruth said that in a slightly annoyed tone as he threw away his cigarette.

"You say drinking wine is not good, but you smoke? Aren't both equally unhealthy?"

Deruth sighed hearing that.

"It just became a habit of mine."

After his orphanage was blown up, Park Soo Yun started smoking.

He trying to stop smoking when he became Deruth.  But it's hard to stop when he already smoking for 20 year.

He only smokes when the kids are not with him.

And it was this golden dragon that always prevented him from smoking.

Eruhaben gave a lollipop to Deruth.

It was a sweet that Deruth made to sell in Rain city when he played with his children there.

But Eruhaben used it to reduce Deruth's smoking habit.

Deruth took the lollipop and put it in his mouth.

"It tastes better than cigarettes, doesn't it."

Deruth rolled his eyes hearing that.

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