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Deruth kicked the fat man's jaw until it broke.

"Stop shouting."

Deruth pulled the fat man's hair and put the poison in his mouth.

The poison will not kill, but the person who consumes it will feel as if he is on fire.


"I said, stop shouting. You hurt my ears."

Deruth pulled out the fat man's nails without using a nail puller.

He pulled it out empty -handed.  Blood splattered all over his body.

Arrghh !!!  Ugh !!

"Huh ...... I told you not to shout, didn't I? I hate the sound of grown men like you shouting."

Deruth's hand poked one of the fat man's eyes, and pulled out an eyeball.

Aaarrrggghh !!!

"I didn't think you had beautiful eyes."

Deruth looked at the green eyes in his hand.  Deruth closed his eyes and slowly kicked the fat man's stomach.

'Ahh, I hate torturing people.  It's tiring work. '

Deruth made the fat man drink a deadly poison, but he would die slowly.

Then he made the fat man unable to move and made a magic sound barrier so that no one would hear him shout when he left.

Deruth looked at his shaking hands.

Deruth could kill someone without a second thought.  But he hates torturing someone.

Deruth threw an eyeball into the burning building behind him.

'In the end, everyone is just a kid with their own ambitions.  Wrong upbringing will only give birth to terrible criminals.'



"Count nim!"

Ron's voice trembled when he saw Deruth who was bathed in dried blood.

"Shut up. Don't wake the kids."
"Don't wake what? We haven't even slept yet."

Deruth flinched at Cale's voice.

“I see why Cale hasn't slept at this hour, but why are you all still awake?”

Deruth could see Basen's and Lily's quivering eyes looking up at him.

"Come on, go back to your rooms."

Cale gritted his teeth as he approached Deruth.

"Dad! What were you doing for 3 days!? And now you want to ignore us!?"

Deruth closed his eyes hearing that.

“Cale, no matter how well I try to be a parent, I'm still human. I'm not a super Hero. Now I'm tired and just want to sleep. Go back to your rooms and we can talk tomorrow.”

Deruth walked without looking back.

"Dad! What are you-"

Ron stopped the annoyed Cale.

“Young master nim, Count nim just needs to rest.”

Cale gritted his teeth even more.

"Are you going to run away once again like a coward!? Lock yourself in your room like I don't exist!? Your eyes are the same as when mom died! If you listen to me, stop your footsteps!"

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