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Deruth moved alone as he surveyed the surrounding area.

"Hi! My name is Bob! Are you strong?"

Toonka who disguised himself as Bob asked Rok Soo.

Rok Soo glanced at the air he thought it was where the black dragon was.

"My dongsaeng is strong, but he's super weak. That's why he's here to recover."

Toonka looked at Cale and Rok Soo with disinterested eyes when he heard that.

'Nice hyung.'

Rok Soo only complimented Cale internally and walked over to the boat.

"Strange.... I smell a strong human scent."

-Human, I don't smell!

Rok Soo just sighed hearing that.

Deruth was just looking for a quiet place to smoke while the two went to check out the island.  Not that anything is going to happen.

"I didn't think you smoked."

Popelina greets Deruth.

"What's wrong with that? Not that I smoke in front of the kids."
“Cale will lecture you if he sees this.”

Deruth just smiled thinking his kids would be upset that he smoked.

There was nothing he could do when he had been smoking for 20 years of his life.

In the past he could even smoke as much as 10 boxes of cigarettes a day.

So only smoking 3 to 4 cigarettes is a good achievement.

Popelina sat beside Deruth.

“You really did change. Back then you didn't even care what Cale did. But now, you're even hurting like this because of your children.”

Deruth exhaled his cigarette smoke.

-Father!  You're smoking again!  I can see cigarette smoke!  You-

Deruth rejected Cale's telepathy.

Because they never saw Deruth smoke, so they just thought someone else did.

But after knowing, seeing or smelling cigarette smoke, they will look for Deruth.

They also just found out that Deruth is very addicted to cigarettes, unlike Cale who could quit if he wanted to.

That's kind of annoying.

Cale stomped his feet on the ground.

"What is it?"

Rok Soo asked looking at the annoyed Cale.

"Dad smoking again! He even cut off my telepathy!"

Beacrox frowned at that.

They all wouldn't have known Deruth was a smoker if the bomb incident at the plaza hadn't happened.

And you can see that Deruth really can't go anywhere without a cigarette in his pocket.

Even if it's just one or 2 cigarettes a day, it can get worse over time.

That's why they want to try to change that habit.

Rok Soo also frowned slightly, but returned to her stoic face and looked around.

He had to get the dominating water and the Sound of the Wind.

Popelina smiled seeing Deruth sleeping while leaning against a tree.

He was amazed by Deruth's ability to sleep in any position and could wake up as if he hadn't slept at all.

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