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Deruth saw the photo album he made with his children.

It had been 4 years since he became Deruth Henituse.

Many things also happened during those 4 years.  But he did everything calmly as usual.

Children no longer play in his office as they get older.

“Time flies so fast. Even though like last night I saw Cale who was 13 years old.”

But why is this golden dragon playing in his office?

Well, since drinking together that time, they've become friends.  But Eruhaben didn't want to meet Deruth's children.

He wanted Deruth's children to find their own nest with any information they might get.

The first time, Deruth did use a magic circle to trick him, but he was indeed an excellent drinker.

Deruth could drink as much as 20 bottles of his wine without getting drunk if he wanted to.  Eruhaben alone could only survive the 15th bottle before getting drunk.

With alcohol tolerance as good as that, it was very weird that Deruth didn't drink.

"I'm going out now. I'm very busy."
"Tch. Don't you have time for your friends? You always have time for your extended family."

Deruth naturally ignored Eruhaben.  Not that he could be 24 hours ready to serve that one golden tsundere dragon.

Eruhaben also didn't really care when he teleported back to his lair.

He also took lots of pictures with Deruth when they went out for a walk or had a drink together.

But Eruhaben kept it to himself and said he would show it to Deruth's children if they found his nest later.

'Why are you acting so troublesome?  Just show yourself in front of the kids. '

Deruth looked at the day's schedule.

'I need to meet Shickler too, huh.'

Because Deruth takes care of Witira and Paseton, Shickler becomes his friend naturally.

Deruth looked up to see Cale and Ron talking together.  Deruth reached out to pinch Cale's ear.

"Aahhh !!! Dad! Why are you pinching my ear harder than usual !? How do you know !? Even Ron doesn't smell anything!"

Ron was also surprised to see that.  Looks like Cale is getting better at covering up his tracks.

"I'm busy today with a lot of things I have to deal with, so I'll keep it short."

Cale stared at Deruth confused.



Deruth hit Cale's but so hard that Cale had to be supported by Ron.

"You always go to bars and now dare to drink? Ron, give him 15 glasses of lemonade tea because that's the amount he drinks."

Deruth walked away looking really busy.

“Hoho, so our young master has dared to drink?”

Cale gasped at the assassin's terrifying laugh.

"If you can drink 15 glasses of wine, why can't you drink 15 of my lemonade tea, right."

Cale could only surrender as he returned to his room.

Cale sat on his bed.

"Damn it! How does dad know how much I drank!? Did he put a spy around me!?"

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