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Everyone came back and did whatever they needed to do.

Rok Soo prepares documents to repair Harris village and gives them to Deruth.

Deruth also had no problem and signed the document.

Alberu called Deruth for information on buying the magic tower, but Deruth just shook his head because he didn't know what Rok Soo was thinking.

Deruth also saw how Taylor tried to take the title of Marquis.  But since he had the Cage, he didn't have to worry too much.

He also called Rosalyn about the progress of their trip and everything seemed fine.

Everything went smoothly and nothing strange happened.




Deruth looked at Hilsman in disbelief.

"The poisonous lake in the forest of darkness is gone, Count nim."

What is Rok Soo doing?

"I'll go check it out."

Deruth take off his glasses and teleported to the dark forest.

Derruth looked around the lake which had a strong explosion mark.

Yet there wasn't even any mud there.

Deruth sighed and go to Harris village.



"Dad, what are you doing?"

Cale asked when he saw Deruth scribbling something on the paper.

"You guys destroyed the structure of the dark forest. I have to draw a new map."

Cale looked at Rok Soo who looked like he has no sins.

'He reminds me of myself.'

Beacrox saw the wolf cubs serving food on Rok Soo's table while Hans put the food on Deruth's table.

"Count, wasn't that time we made our way through this passage?"

Hans asked when he saw the different forest structures.

"Trees in the forest of darkness growing more quickly than a normal plant. You haven't played in the forest of darkness for a long time, so the path is closed."

Deruth said that while stabbing the meat with a fork and feeding Hans.

"Dad, me too!"

Cale said that as he opened his mouth.  Deruth had no problem feeding Cale who was already 18 years old.

In his eyes, Cale was still the same child.

Deruth looked at Beacrox.

"Beacrox, you look tired. Go to sleep."

Deruth sigh looking at Rok Soo who the one make beacrox take care of the wolf children.

"The circles under your eyes look bad. I'll take care of the wolf children for you."

Beacrox finally understood why his father had asked for leave a day or two after he take care of Deruth's children.

It was super tiring.


But Beacrox kept a face that he wasn't exhausted at all.

"Count nim, you're going to play with us!?"
"What are we going to play!?"
"Can we play together, meow?"
-I want to play too!

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