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"Rosalyn, move them out to sea. We can't fight here."

Rosalyn nodded and used teleport magic, moving all the mermaids visible on the surface of the sea, while Deruth moved the mermaids hiding under the sea.

"Beacrox, Alberu, you guys stay here looking after Lily and Basen."

The two nodded and the other flew into the middle of the sea.

"You are so annoying! Why are you so heavy!"
"If my hands weren't attached to yours, I would have been swimming alone in the sea!"
"Dad! Let go of our hands!"

Deruth ignored both of them.

"Sir, I can swim to the middle of the sea quickly."

Witira said that, and Deruth sighed, then threw her into the middle of the sea at high speed.

"Ohoho! I thought you only knew how to look after children! Who knew you knew how to fight!?"


Witira landed her fist on one of the mermaid's heads, causing her to die instantly on the spot.

The mermaid in charge of the raid gritted her teeth.

"Didn't you whale tribes say we wouldn't involve the mainland in our battle!?"


"We fell into the sea! Are you can't floating properly yet!?"

Cale can't use 2 spells at the same time.

"You who want to attack us on the beach first, this is called self -defense."

Rosalyn says that while attacking with magic.

Swing!  Swing!

Hans and Choi Han attack with their daggers and swords while being supported by Rosalyn's floating magic.

"Dad! We're falling here!"

Deruth casts flotation magic at Cale and Archie.

Deruth only monitored the situation, and did not interfere in the fighting.  He knew the children he cared for were enough to defeat the mermaids at sea.

And they will just think this was just a training.

Paseton uses his sword, defeating the mermaid in the sea with Witira.

"Be careful with their poison."

Hans and Choi Han are the most susceptible to the mermaid's poisonous claws.

Deruth helps Hans from a distance as he is still not proficient in his technique.

"Hey, you're fighting too!"
"How can I fight with my hands tied like this !?"

Cale smiled as he used wind magic, and spun around, then threw Archie at the same speed Deruth threw Witira.

"Beat them to dust!"
"Ouh! I think back you're not too bad!"


'It's a good thing I've put soundproof wall magic.  Otherwise, Princess Litana will be furious about this mess.'

On the beach, 3 mermaids rise to the shore.

"We have to get rid of these nuisances."

Baecrox and Alberu drew their weapons.  Lily also took her wooden sword.  Basen also took the sword he was carrying for self-defense.

Beacrox attacked with his greatsword, and repelled the strongest looking mermaid, as well as Alberu.

Basen swallowed his saliva while Lily looked excited.

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