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"Stop screaming. You won't die. Not while I'm still alive."

Deruth grabbed Cale by the collar whose soul seemed to have left his body when Deruth caught him.

"I think this is a good job for you. Let's just go home at this rate."

Cale was shocked to hear that and immediately looked at Deruth as if his soul was returning to his body.

"No! I want to do this!"
'I want to be with dad a little longer.'

It had been a long time since his father's attention had been on him.  He wanted to do a lot of things with his father because he could do it now.

His father did not look at him with disappointed eyes and his father did not neglect the rest of his family.

"Then let's go steal now."

Deruth floated in the air holding Cale in his hands.

"Dad, did you study magic?"

Cale asked with a curious face.

“Cale, you must always hide your strength. Why? So that the enemy doesn't know our identity. Also, using magic is easier than a sword.”

Deruth softly said that.


Deruth shattered the window with fireball magic.

"We will be fugitives if the royal family finds out about this."

Cale was a bit worried that they were all caught and executed.


Cale was shocked to hear his father's laughter.

“Cale, what is the most powerful in this world?”

Cale just stared at Deruth with innocent eyes.

"That is money. We will steal, and take the business of people who dare to oppress us, how much money will fall into our hands?"

Cale was confused, but felt it would be overwhelming.

"When someone is richer than the royal family, they can do nothing but submit. Why? We can pay 100 times more to make strong people work under us. With money, we can start a rebellion."

Cale's eyes looked like they were thinking about something.

"Cale, not everything can be bought with money. But you are free to do whatever you want when you have a lot of money."

Cale smiled, and hugged Deruth.

"I understand!"

Deruth didn't know what Cale understood, but he didn't care about it.

Deruth lowered Cale gently.

"Follow behind me. Don't walk away."

Cale nodded as he followed behind his father.  His father's back looked big for the first time to Cale.

Big and close.  A back that Cale could reach now.

His father's back always looked distant and foreign after he lost his mother.

Subconsciously, Cale continued to follow the big back.

"Intruder! Report to Baron nim!"

The guards began to move to attack the intruder.  Deruth used his magic, as if using a gun, moving very freely.

Buk!  Swissh!  Swissh!  Buk!

Deruth's movements were so beautiful that Cale was mesmerized by the sight.  It was as if his father was dancing as he knocked down everyone who stood in his way.

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