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Rok Soo opened his eyes when he heard beautiful music playing in his ear.

'That must be dad who playing it.'

Rok Soo doesn't need to see who was playing the flute to who playing it.


Hearing a startled voice, Rok Soo felt a black dragon lying on top of his body.

-You're finally awake, human!  You are stupid!  Why did you faint for 3 days!?

Rok Soo was surprised to hear that and sat down to take a look around him.

Is everything okay when he faints?

"You finally woke up!"
"You're an idiot!"

On and Hong in their human forms hug Rok Soo with tears.

But Rok Soo is confused.  Why was everyone besides Ron's and his father's faces full of ink?

"You're finally awake, sleeping beauty!"

Cale shoved the mirror in front of Rok Soo's face.

'What the hell!?'

Rok Soo was shocked to see his face full of ink.  It was the first time he had been treated like this when he fainted.

Even Choi Jung Soo didn't do this!

"Ahh... Calm down sleeping beauty, it will disappear if you wash it. Because of you dad almost died because he has gone mad for a moment, you know."

Cale says that to make Rok Soo don't being so angry. Rok Soo was scary when he was angry.

Rok Soo was shocked and looked at Deruth.

Deruth approached him and handed him a plate of meat that Beacrox had cooked perfectly.

A hungry Rok Soo takes it with shining eyes but still looks at him sharply.

"Dad, is that true?"

Rok Soo asked and Deruth nodded slightly.

"I went a little overboard."
"Little overboard my ass."

Rok Soo was confused by Ron's words and Helgi pointed out that the highest mountain peak among the ten fingers of the mountain, where Rok Soo got the power of Fire of destruction, was gone.

"Now, this mountain will be named the nine-finger mountain."


The meat on Rok Soo's fork fell onto the plate, gaping at that.  How strong was his father actually? That's insane...


They all looked at Cassian who was groaning in pain.

He looks like he's about to wake up too.

Slowly, Cassian opened his eyes.

"Are you awake, my new dongsaeng?"

Cale said while patting his cheeks.

"Who, are you guys?"

Deruth approached Cassian and used his mana to lessen the pain a bit.

The elves who were together with the chief elf Canaria started to approach them.

"Oh my god! I'm relieved you're okay!?"

Pendrick hugged Rok Soo tightly.

"Now I know why you didn't want me to take this power, Deruth nim."

Rok Soo raised his eyebrows.  So, it wasn't just him that Deruth didn't want to get hold of this shitty power.

Well, that's understandable because this power hurts the user.

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