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Kim Rok Soo opened his eyes to see the sharp teeth want to bite him.

Shocked, he immediately jumped up and the monster's teeth were broken when he bit the rock where Kim Rok Soo lay earlier.

Seeing an unfamiliar place, Kim Rok Soo decided to run first.

The 2 meter-sized monster continued to chase Kim Rok Soo.

'Damn it!  Didn't I enter the monster's mouth and exploded with the bomb in my hand!?  Why am I here!?  Where is this!?'

Kim Rok Soo felt tired when he reached a slightly lighter part.

'Why has my body become so weak?'

Kim Rok Soo held his left chest trying to calm himself down.



But before he could do so, a 2 meter monster attacked Kim Rok Soo.

He dodged it and his leg was pierced by a thorny plant.


Kim Rok Soo loses his balance and thinks he's going to die for real this time.


Kim Rok Soo heard the sound of a sword slashing, and saw the man in black, also had a Korean face.

"Umm, are you okay?"

Choi Han uses Korean.

"Yes. Where is this?"

Choi Han looked at Kim Rok Soo with a sad expression.

“You are still young and were dragged here too. You look the same age as Cale hyung.”

Kim Rok Soo flinched when he heard Cale's name.

"You, what's your name?"

Choi Han looked at the person in front of him with a confused look.

"Choi Han. I'll take you out. I'm picking herbs for a very kind grandmother in a nearby village."

Because they often played in the dark forest, Harris village had become their second home when Deruth went out to work.

Kim Rok Soo frowned when he already knew where he was right now.

"Choi Han, what date is today?"

Choi Han looked at the man more and more strangely.

"It is the 28th day of the 3rd month in the 781st year of the Felix Calendar."

But Choi Han still answered him.

'This is bad.'

Kim Rok Soo thought about that and looked up at the sky.

Black smoke from the direction of the dark forest wall was visible.

Seeing Kim Rok Soo who was frowning, Choi Han also looked up at the sky.

'Did any villagers' houses catch fire?'

Choi Han thought it would be best if he returned immediately.

"Come with me to the village."

Kim Rok Soo just nodded as he had no other choice.



The herb marks in Choi Han's hands fell to the ground.

All the houses burned down and there was not a single villager who didn't bleed on the ground.

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