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After everyone fell asleep, Deruth woke up and wanted to leave.

"Count nim, about that star-symbol organization, I have to find out about it."

Deruth could see the anger in Ron's eyes.

"When I leave, I beg you, please take care of my son."
".....Don't forget to rest when you go."

Ron sighed softly at that.

"Looking after your children is more tiring than killing someone, you know."

Deruth simply ignored Ron's words and activated the teleport circle.

'Now I must report to the king of the kingdom of Breck that Rosalyn is safe with Choi Han.'




Arriving at the capital, Cale saw Rok Soo who was eating together with his three children.

He also drank wine quietly.

"Hyung, how many bottles is that?"
"Relax, this is only the fourth bottle."

Rok Soo sighed as he ignored Cale.

Cale placed his glass on the table and wanted to take the cookies on the table.


The wine glass shattered as it fell as Cale accidentally bumped into it.

Rok Soo frowned at a bad feeling.

Knock!  knock!

Cale opened the door and was shocked to see Rosalyn and Choi Han who looked worried, and a young child behind Choi Han.

"Is he the Lock you're talking about? Why are you guys so messy?"

Cale asked with a worried face.

"Put him to bed. Hans, clear the training ground."

Rok Soo said that and Choi Han immediately put Lock on the bed.

Hans also quickly moved to clear the training ground.


A teleport circle appeared and Deruth looked around before sighing.

"Dad, why are you here?"

Deruth looked at Rosalyn and Choi Han.

"The tracking device I put on you guys is broken. How could I not be worried?"

Hearing that, Rosalyn and Choi Han looked guilty.  They fought in the werewolf village, and the tracking device unknowingly shattered.

Deruth saw Lock who was lying on the bed and held his forehead.

"First rampage mode?"

Deruth didn't look worried at all.

"Dad, if we put him to sleep, he'll have to go through the pain of the first rampage mode once again."

Rok Soo said that and and Deruth nodded.

"I know."

Deruth stroked Lock's head gently.

"Just sleep. Everything will be fine once you wake up."

Lock saw his uncle's reflection when he saw Deruth.  A gentle smile and a caress on his head.

He calmed down and closed his eyes.

"Young master, the training ground is empty-! Count nim!?"

Deruth who heard that, lifted Lock easily and teleported to the training ground.

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