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“The magic spearman is nearby.”

‘Hmm? Who?’

Rok Soo temporarily forgot who it was.

“He just arrived recently. I can sense his location.”


Rok Soo remembered the magic spearman of the secret organization. They had met at Hais Island 12. The magic spearman had been marked by Raon’s mana arrow before he ran away with the brown sword master.

‘Why would he be here?’

Raon was stronger after becoming a year older, but he still had short stubby legs. One of those short legs pointed toward the spot between the seventh and eighth peaks.

“I can feel him over there!”

Rok Soo covered his face with both hands. Cale just laughed slightly seeing that.

There was a village hidden by illusion magic between the seventh and eighth peaks.

No wonder his dad going to help the elf.

Naturally, it was the Elf Village. It was said to be similar to fairytale land, with a small lake and trees that were hundreds of years old.

‘Now what?’

As expected, this incident was not described in the first five volumes of, ‘The Birth of a Hero.’

Rok Soo felt like he knew the people that put the Elf Village in enough danger for five Elves to come to a human village. Would the magic spearman have come for no reason? The Elves must be fighting against Arm right now.

Cale then added on.

“Hey, the beautiful uncle from last time also coming here with dad.”

‘Beautiful uncle? Pendrick?’

Rok Soo felt goosebumps.

‘Wait, the one who should get this power is Pendrick. Did... dad want this power for him?’

Cale furrowed his brows looking at Rok Soo who was breaking out in cold sweat.

"What is it?"
"Hyung, is it possible that dad wants this power for Pendrick? This power says dad doesn't want me to get this power."

Cale frowned, even more, when he heard that.

He grabbed Rok Soo's shoulder.

"Relax. Father wouldn't forbid something like this for that kind of reason. You're his son, he won't be mad at you."

Even so, Rok Soo couldn't calm down.  The image of his uncle appeared in his mind.

"Ooh, it's you guys!"

Pendrick greeted in a cheerful tone.  Seeing the disappearing ancient power he knew he was too late.

"Looks like I'm late."

Pendrick looked a little disappointed.

Deruth saw Rok Soo who was lowering his head, sigh.

"You took it, huh."

Rok Soo nodded his head slowly.

"Dad, it's not his fault! You can't be mad at him!"
-That's right!  We didn't know you wanted this power for that beautiful elf!

Deruth took the lollipop and put it in his mouth.  Cale and Raon knew Deruth did that because he didn't want to smoke in front of his children.

Deruth must be frustrated now.

"Rok Soo, do you know what kind of power you took this time?"

Deruth's voice was indifferent, but they all knew Deruth was angry.

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