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Papa cale has another child by diirex
Papa cale has another childby diirex
after the death of white star during an accident cale found an infant in the middle of forest of darkness and decided to took care of him. who is this child? where are h...
Money comes first  by EmiYuan
Money comes first by Emi-chan
Getting reincarnated into a novel? That's okay Being a maid? That's okay The novel I reincarnated in was Trash of the count's family? That's okay No money!? Oh hell N...
Trash Meets Basketball by honeyseeto_0
Trash Meets Basketballby honeyseeto_0
Cale Henituse and co. have finally ended the war. Now, it's time for a vacation. In another world that is... ----- ➤ Note: I have no idea what will happen in this fic. I...
Lost Faith by Senaminyaaan
Lost Faithby Senamin
A fanfiction for Lout of the Count's Family written by Yu Ryeo Han. I do not own the Lout of the Count's Family. This is just a FANFICTION. In his twentieth regression...
Cold Little Eyes  by ZoujiRu
Cold Little Eyes by Viggo
After the death of the countess Jour thames henituse Deruth didn't only mourn his beloved wife death, he too. mourn his son who he didn't even know now. Ever since the...
The Unlucky Bastard is a Child??? by battyyyboy
The Unlucky Bastard is a Child???by Batty
"How did I ended up like this? Cale was staring at his imagine on the mirror...he was a child again.
The Tale Of The Godly Fairy by Caleism_7
The Tale Of The Godly Fairyby Yoojin’s axx
Who is that beautiful sleeping being? Who is that beautiful male that has hair like crimson blood? Who is that beautiful male with angel wings that sparkle like a fairy'...
I'll accept the flower even if it kills me by VioletRubyyy
I'll accept the flower even if Vrby
they could hear the sound of cheering, it's another victory for Roan Kingdom led by their red haired commander Cale Henituse. around the ruined place far from the crowd...
A Sweet Songs by Erica11207
A Sweet Songsby Gabriel_Erica
Cale has a hidden talent..?? the fight against White Star is done and the Sealed god is Dead. KRS/Cale has Cale Henituse memories Cale remember that the OG!Cale used to...
Tcf x Orv react to Tcf(very slow update probably once a month) by RulerOfThenight12
Tcf x Orv react to Tcf(very slow Moon
Hmmmm.... Wouldn't it be fun to see 2 of my favorite world react to my favorite world(tcf) Highest Ranking that we have achived # 1 sooyoung out of 1K storiesranking #...
React to Another Dimension[ON HOLD] by CuteKitty404
React to Another Dimension[ON HOLD]by Aite💜
The Goddess of mischief and some other Gods were bored so they thought why not bring the Birth of a Hero people to react to the TOTCF world. Lets see what there reaction...
Seduce the Villain's F̶a̶t̶h̶e̶r̶ Emperor! || English || by DinaFRahmah
Seduce the Villain's F̶a̶t̶h̶e̶r̶ Dina_Fadillatu_Rahmah
Kim Rok Soo died in a monster attack when he had just finished reading the fantasy novel that Choi Jung Soo gave him, but he woke up as a prince instead?! "Dongsae...
Another Baby in the House  by mnn_mnn_mnn
Another Baby in the House by Cale Hermoso
[COMPLETED] Cale unexpectedly fought with a powerful hunter, good thing he didn't get hurt but just inhaled a violet strange smoke, but it didn't affect him or anything...
Runaway priest  by The_Cat_On_Pluto
Runaway priest by The_Cat_On_Pluto
Ever since Cale stabbed himself the group has been overprotective, a bit too overprotective Now that he got his slacker life there is only one thing that bothers him -C...
Intoxicated by RoyalKareem
Intoxicatedby Royal-Chan
Cale never really get drunk. As Kim Rok Soo and as Cale Henituse. He simply has strong tolerance when it comes to Alcohol. Normally, he'd be careful not to get too drunk...
There is a Ghost in My House! || English || by DinaFRahmah
There is a Ghost in My House! || Dina_Fadillatu_Rahmah
In a world where there were three genders, Cale had always been shunned by every member of his family. Cale went and hid about his gender from anyone and worked as a no...
EXTRICATED | Cale .H by Shirubia_O
EXTRICATED | Cale .Hby Shirubia_O
_A Trash of the Count's family Fan-fiction _Cale x Oc _Can be read as stand alone _Cross-posted On AO3 _Started : 29/ Oct/ 22 _Ended : _Status : Ongoing
The forgotten  by watcherofthedawn
The forgotten by yuna s.
a tcf fanfiction, where in the end Cale needs to make a deal with the God of Death in order to be able to use his divine item to kill the immortal White Star, but in the...
TCF Songfic by RaizelCiel
TCF Songficby Raizel Ashburn
Just Cale is singing with someone sometime. [and it's me, Kim Soo Bin, everybody!!] [Description about this character is that he is from an AU where he is Kim Rok Soo's...