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"Ah, I forgot something again."

Choi Han tilted his head in confusion.  Deruth stopped in front of the guest room door.

But Deruth was still walking as if he hadn't forgotten anything.

Choi Han walked over trying to keep up with Deruth's walking speed.  However, the wound on his leg made it difficult for him to walk.

Because he didn't feel in danger anymore, he finally felt pain in his leg.

Deruth sudden turn made Choi Han flinch.

"Does your leg hurt?"

Choi Han nodded hesitantly.  He knew the man in front of him was strong.  Telling a stranger about his weakness, it kind of made Choi Han nervous.

Deruth approached Choi Han, and picked him up.


Choi Han was taken aback by Deruth's movement.

"There's no need to force yourself to follow the pace of my footsteps if your leg hurt. You're not in the forest of darkness anymore."

Choi Han wanted to cry hearing that.  The forest of darkness, that hell-like place, he was finally able to leave that place.

"Your life must be hard."

Deruth said that and stroked Choi Han's head gently.

Choi Han's tears couldn't be held back any longer as he burst into sobs.

In Deruth's eyes, Choi Han was just a weak youngster.

They reached the kitchen, and saw Beacrox there.

"You haven't slept yet? It's getting late. I borrowed the kitchen for a while to make this kid some food."

Beacrox frowned looking at Choi Han up and down several times.

"So, him too?"

Deruth was confused by Beacrox's words.  Beacrox just sighed seeing Deruth's confused eyes.

All of the children he cared for or cared for would be raised like that at least once.

Beacrox was also lifted like that too when he sprained his leg.

"I'll make some food for him. Count nim, you can go rest."

Deruth put Choi Han on the chair and remained to the kitchen.

"Fine, if you want to cook. I want to make hot chocolate."

Beacrox didn't ask why.  Deruth is known to like sweet food even though he doesn't show it.

"Choi Han, I'm leaving you here for a while. I'll be back later."

Choi Han was silent when he saw Beacrox who was cutting all the ingredients quickly and skillfully.



Knock, knock.

Rosalyn opened her bedroom door when she gasped at the sight of Deruth knocking on the door.

"What can I do for you?"

Rosalyn smiled as usual and Deruth passed the hot chocolate in her hand to Rosalyn.

"I made this hot chocolate to help you sleep. Brush your teeth before bed. What happened earlier might weigh you down, but don't think too much about it. Kids make mistakes all the time."

Deruth stroked Rosalyn's head gently before leaving her.

Rosalyn is a girl.  So Deruth couldn't easily touch her like the others.  Nor was she his daughter who was related by blood.

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