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Ron could see Deruth's wounds were gradually improving.  That's a good sign.

Blood dripped from Jack's mouth, and his hands were shaking from using too much of his strength.

Deruth's organs were completely destroyed, no longer in the case of rotting.  Jack wanted to pass out with the difficulty level.

It was miraculous that Deruth was still alive at this time.

The light continued to illuminate the room until finally Deruth's wound was completely closed.

Jack immediately lost consciousness after seeing that there were no more wounds on Deruth's body.

Ron caught him and gave Jack to Choi Han.

"I'll take care of the poison. You take him to the doctor."

Choi Han nodded and walked out.

"Choi Han!"

They all approached Choi Han for reassurance.

"Count nim's wound has recovered, but the poison still hasn't been cured."

They entrusted Ron to it.



Tap! Tap! Tap!

"Ha... Hah..."

Beacrox and Cale ran with gasping breaths trying to run as fast as they could.

The herbs were sensitive to magic and could be damaged if carried with teleportation magic.


They slammed the door as they entered Deruth's room without being knocked.

"Hah.... Father, here are the herbs."

Beacrox gave the herbs to his father.  Ron immediately took the herbs and concocted them.

Cale couldn't calm down and was pacing back and forth while Ron was concocting the medicine.

Beacrox bit his lower lip to keep him calm.

Deruth's condition looked better than before.  But the deadly poison in his body didn't change the fact he could die at any moment.

After 30 minutes, Ron finally finished concocting the antidote and made Deruth swallow it.

Within minutes, Ron felt Deruth's pulse again.


Ron sighed and nodded his head.


Cale sat down on the floor after seeing that.

"Count nim may be unconscious for a few days, and he probably won't be able to move right away. This poison is very deadly."

Cale nodded.

"As long as he can live, then it's fine. But what's the price of herbs!? A single leaf can cost 500 million gallons!?"

Cale spent 2 billion on all those herbs.  Of course, Cale would ask for his money back once Deruth recovered.




7 days later.

“Cale looks scary.”

Paseton said that as he watched Cale bite his thumb while looking at the ocean as if he wanted to kill someone.

"Can't blame him when the Count has been in a coma for a week. I also want to kill the person who attacked him."

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