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"How did you become a fugitive?"

Violan asked hesitantly.

An orphanage with many smiling children crossed Deruth's mind.

“When you want to protect something, you are willing to do anything. Just like Cale did for all of us.”

Deruth smiled sadly at Violan, making her unable to reply.

"Deruth, no, Park Soo Yun, you don't have to force yourself to talk if you don't want to."

Deruth smiled.

“The owner of this body is very lucky to be able to have a good wife like you, even though he seems like a pretty bad father to Cale.”

Violan couldn't argue with that.

'At least he's not crooked or not giving Cale money.  He's better than His Majesty the king, I think?'

On the way home, Violan told me many things about herself, and the habits of his children and servants who could be trusted.



"So, hyung, that thing you want to play with, is stealing a noble's child!? Are you a gangster!?"

Cale laughed at the panicked Alberu.

"Stop right there! Give me my money back!"

The noble child was chasing Cale with his personal bodyguards.

"Don't worry, we'll be fine while my dad is around."
"Hyung, Count Deruth isn't with us right now!"

Alberu looked panicked just like Cale did when he first followed Deruth to loot.  But Cale was even more extreme because they were looting directly at the manor house in broad daylight.

Cale tried to cast an invisibility spell, but failed.

“Alberu, do you know how to fight….?”
"Are you just thinking about that now!? Where is my pride as the crown prince if they catch me stealing a noble's child?"

Cale laughed before he stumbled to get them caught.

Luckily they had used color changing magic tools so they just looked like commoners trying to steal from nobles.

-Dad~ Help me!  I got caught!  Dad!  Don't ignore me!

Deruth wanted to ignore Cale's call when he woke up to a voice in his head.


Deruth asked as he put on the assassin outfit.

-I looted Viscount Bizzard's second son!  But now me and the crown prince were caught because I failed to cast a spell!  So save us, okay?  Please~!

Deruth sighed, going to Viscount Bizzard's territory with teleport magic.



"Now, what can we do? My identity cannot be revealed!"

Alberu was annoyed to see Cale who was leaning against the wall casually.

"My dad will be here in a minute, so there's no need to panic."

Alberu couldn't calm down like Cale because he only knew Deruth was a fair noble, how could he break into other noble houses so easily?

For 30 minutes, Alberu thought of a way to get out as Cale casually slept like he was in his own room.


Tap, tap, tap.

The basement door opened, causing Cale to wake up.  Alberu felt panicked as the sound of footsteps was heard.

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