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Deruth turned his hair black and changed his form as if he was in his early 20s.

Bud and Glenn were shocked to see that.

"Umm... Sir, for real, how old are you?"

Deruth raised his eyebrows when Bud asked that.

"I think I'm in my late 30s."

Deruth replied casually as he put on the mask and walked into the dungeon leisurely.

Bud couldn't believe that someone could enter the enemy's lair as casually as Deruth.

It was understandable if they used invisibility magic.  But now they just walk around as if they were at home!

Everyone who passed through the area was knocked out easily by Deruth.

Deruth could even yawn at this rate.

However, as it went deeper, Deruth's face grew colder and colder.

Deruth raised his hand to create a shield around Bud and Glenn.

"What is it?"
"Do you guys want to die because of the death mana?"

Bud immediately shook his head and continued to follow Deruth from behind.

No one knows what kind of enemy will appear later.  That's why Deruth brought the two together to get the captured vampire out.

Swing!  Swing!

A black magic arrow appeared and Deruth dodged it well.

'Dark mage?'

The dark mage smiled at Deruth.

"I didn't know the famous Mavros was targeted this academy. What does Mavros, a monster like you want from us?"

Deruth scratched his head.

'Now, It's really like fighting in the enemy's lair.  The situation is not good for us.'

The death mana is everywhere making them couldn't move freely.

"Let's back off."

Bud nodded and Deruth wanted to open the teleport circle.

"Hahahahaha! Do you think you can just leave like that!? Don't you dream too high, you rat!"

One of the black magicians threw something and Bud drew his sword to deflect it.


It exploded and made Deruth and Glenn's magic power disappear.

Deruth sighed and Bud handed a teleport scroll to Glenn.

"You go back first. Since you are a pure magician here, you will become a hostage."

Glenn gritted his teeth and immediately tore up the teleport scroll.  He couldn't be a burden in a situation like this.


They attacked with black threads and Deruth cut all the threads trying to attack Glenn with ease.  Bud did too.

Yet he struggled without his sword aura.  The sword aura made him easily recognizable.

'He really is a monster!  Without an aura, how can he cut this black thread so easily!?'

Bud felt his hand go numb as he slashed at the hard black thread.

Deruth frowned for a second before returning to normal.  Since he couldn't use magic, the gas produced by death mana would poison them.


Glenn wanted to hold both of them when the teleport circle was activated.

The black thread attacked Deruth and Bud.

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