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Two days after Rok Soo's arrival.

In Deruth's office.

"Dad, I want money."

Rok Soo said that and Cale laughed.

"What do you want with the money?"

Deruth held his chin.

"I think back, it's been a while since I gave you all pocket money."

Rok Soo is shocked to hear that.

"Heh, I don't need your money! I'm rich too! Basen also has his own business so we don't need your money. Lily would rather you buy her something, remember?"

Rok Soo looked at Cale in disbelief.

"You have a lot of money?"

Cale nodded his head proudly.

"Even if it's just one mountain of gold, I'm very rich."

Rok Soo's eyes widened at that.

"But father has hundreds or maybe thousands of mountains of gold?"

Rok Soo looked at Deruth with a shocked look.

"Because we're all rich, we don't care about dad's money. We prefer things he makes or buys for us."

Cale showed the mana stone necklace around his neck.

"But I do not have money....."

Rok Soo made a sad face making Cale flinch.

"Ouh, calm down! Your hyung will buy you anything you want!"
"Really? As much as I want?"
"Of course!"
"You can't take your words back."
"Yes, I promise."

Rok Soo pressed the corners of his lips with his hand to stop himself from smiling.

Deruth picked up the other documents as if not seeing Rok Soo trick Cale.



"Rok Soo! What did you want to buy to take 500 billion out of my stash!?"

Rok Soo eats the meat with an innocent face.

"But hyung, you said I can take as much amount as I want."

Cale gaped open and was unable to reply.


Cale hugged Deruth when he lost so much money.

Deruth took the bank check and wrote down 500 billion and gave it to Cale.

"I love you!"

Cale immediately dashed out after getting that 500 billion check.

"Take this."

Rok Soo took the small bag and saw it was a magic bag with many gold coins inside.

“Your pocket money. Don't prank Cale like that.”

Rok Soo smiled brightly when he got a lot of pocket money.

"What do you want to do?"

Rok Soo immediately put the bag away.

"Feeding the man-eating tree."

Deruth raised his eyebrows hearing that.

"Fine, do whatever you want."




"You want to give this tree some bread?"

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