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"Count nim, Count nim, please wake up."

Deruth who sat raising his chin with his hands didn't look like he was asleep, was woken up by Ron.

"I want to take a vacation......"

Deruth muttered to himself when he was not fully conscious.

"What's the matter, Ron?"

Ron could only sigh softly at the exhausted Deruth.  No wonder Deruth was tired of handling all the kids at once.

Even Ron who only needed to pay attention to Cale, could forget to take care of his own son.

'He even took care of my son.  What was on this Count's mind after he lost his memory?'
"This kid, he said he wanted to work. But we don't need any extra workers. His name is Hans."

Deruth saw Hans who stood firm on his feet even when he was nervous and bit his lower lip.

"Why do you want to work? Aren't all the commoners who lead difficult lives I gave my help? Is there a family I passed through?"

Hans shook his head.

"I have no family."

Deruth looked at Hans who was still standing tall.

"Ron, take him to the orphanage in Rain city."
"No! I have to work! I don't want to be held by anyone!"

Hans persisted in making Deruth rub his eyes with his finger and look at Hans more thoroughly.

"Ron, find out about the illegal sale of slaves in the territory under my control."

Ron gasped at that.

Deruth ignored Ron's stiff face and stood up and lifted Hans up.

Hans face stiffened when Deruth said about the slave trade.

"Looks like you ran away from a place like that."

Deruth said that made Hans body shiver even more.

'Will I be considered a slave?  Just like the houses I've been to before?'

Ron who heard that, became serious and immediately left the room.

'Ron, we have a door.'

Ron came out of the balcony and disappeared somewhere.

Deruth took Hans to the bathroom, and bathed Hans himself.

Hans has lashes and burns.  There were also many injuries from iron chains and handcuffs.

Deruth took the potion dousing Hans with it.  His injured body recovered in an instant.

Then Deruth took a pair of scissors and cut Hans' long, messy hair into a short, neat cut.

Hans was shocked to see himself in the mirror.  He couldn't believe it was him.  But his gaze was gloomy when he saw the number 27 burn mark on his chest.

Deruth took out a necklace with green stones, and put it on Hans.

When the necklace is active, the number on his chest disappears.

"You can ask me for a new necklace if this one breaks. From now on, you are no longer a slave, but a butler of the Henituse family. Do you understand?"

Hans' eyes filled with tears when he heard that.

"Hnm, this little butler's outfit seems to fit."

Deruth put Hans in the butler's outfit in the room and tidied it up.

No one would be able to tell Hans a slave with an appearance like this.

"You really want to work?"

Hans nodded his head vigorously.  He didn't want to depend on adults when he was often beaten by them.

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