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Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!


Rok Soo thought that when he saw that Toonka didn't move one bit when he faced Deruth.

It was as if Toonka was fighting Choi Han.

"Are you done?"

Deruth started to counterattack making Toonka really have bruises all over his body.

"Do you have any final words?"

Deruth said that was ready to draw his sword.

Deruth's movements were very fast and when Toonka came to his senses, Deruth was already in front of him.

'I must return to the Whipper kingdom and win the war for the civilians.'

All the cruel treatment of the mage in the magic tower on the commoners played on Toonka's mind.

A silver shield appeared in front of Toonka taking him by surprise.  Toonka looked at the silver thread that was connected and saw Rok Soo who raised his hand towards him.

"Dad, you can't kill him!"
'If he dies, my loot will be gone!  Father, you can't kill him now!'

Deruth sighed and put away his sword.  Deruth was actually ready to retract his attack and had no intention of killing Toonka, but well, it seemed that Rok Soo would rather be seen as a kind savior.

Seeing the calm Deruth, Rok Soo pulled back his shield.


As the silver shield disappeared, Deruth kicked Toonka in the head so hard it knocked him unconscious in one kick.

Rok Soo got goosebumps seeing that.  If Deruth's attack hit his shield, he might cough up blood again.

Deruth saw Toonka's condition, then lifted him as if lifting a bag on his shoulder.

".....Can we be friends with that bastard?"

Cale asked Witira.

"I don't know."

Rok Soo looked at Cale in confusion.

"If a person is carried like a bag, he or she is at the level of a neighbor's child in the eyes of the Count. Young Lady Amiru is also at this level."

Paseton explained and Rok Soo raised his eyebrows.


Cale tapped Rok Soo's head slowly.

"Why did you help him? He almost killed me!"
"I have a reason."

Cale looked like he didn't want to hear Rok Soo's excuses.

"Rok Soo, even if your body is fine, your plate is weak. Don't overuse your ancient powers."

Rok Soo feels suspicious as Deruth constantly warns him about the use of ancient powers.

"What are you going to do with him?"

Paseton asked curiously.

"I must recover him and send him back to the Whipper kingdom. He is the main center of the civil war there."

Cale looked towards Rok Soo.

"You already know this, don't you!? That's why you look tired when I use magic! You little bastard!"

Cale hugged Rok Soo tightly making it difficult for him to breathe.

"Hyu, hyung, breath...."

Cale immediately let go of Rok Soo as Deruth walked back to the inn.

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