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"Crown prince! Let's have a morning exercise!"

Alberu was woken up early in the morning by Lily.

"Crown prince, you can't be lazy! Come exercise with me!"

Alberu, who was awakened 10 times, finally woke up.


At the training ground.

Alberu ran behind Lily.  Because of Lily's small feet, Alberu just seemed to be jogging from running.

'But running 300 laps before breakfast, is this stamina for a child?'

Alberu was fine after finishing while Lily lay unconscious.

"Your highness, you go get ready for breakfast. We will deal with young Miss Lily from here."

Hearing that, Alberu left Lily to the maids.


In the dining room.

"How was your morning, your highness?"

Deruth asked as he ate quietly.

"That was quite fun. Lily took me to a morning exercise."

Deruth nodded hearing that.

"Lily, you're not exaggerating, are you."

Lily flinched at that, and avoided Deruth's gaze.

"I told you, 100 rounds is enough. Forcing yourself will hurt your body, not make your body grow. Lily, you're not in a life and death situation, you don't need to train so hard."

Lily just nodded looking guilty.

"What's your schedule for today, Basen?"

Basen held his chin trying to remember.

"I'm going to study in the library and review last night's lesson. Then practice swordsmanship for a while, then start finishing the paperwork you gave me."

Alberu looked at Basen in disbelief.

'Does he have time for himself with such a busy schedule?'

Deruth nodded again, and looked at Cale.  Then Deruth ignored him looking at Violan.

Cale also looked unconcerned.  He has no activities during the day.  Cale's activities started at night.

"What is your activity?"

Violan wiped her mouth gracefully.

"I will attend a tea party between the nobles and talk about some things."

Deruth nodded again.

"Would you like me to attend?"

Violet shook her head.

"I can take care of everything myself."

After that, they all finished eating, and went about their activities.

Basen pulled Alberu running towards the library.  Meanwhile Lily pulled Cale into the library to teach her to read.

Cale and Alberu looked at each other before turning their attention to the book they were holding.

"Olaboni, I don't understand this."
"Me too. Basen, you understand about this?"
"Hyung, why are you reading a book about rules and laws? I wouldn't understand either."

Alberu was confused as to why they took such a difficult book.

"You don't understand either, do you."

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