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Deruth saw all of them who were about to depart for the capital secretly to launch their revenge plan against Venion.

"Before you guys leave, I'm leaving too. I don't know when I'll be home. Listen to Violan and Rok Soo when I'm not around."

Since Rok Soo was the former team leader, Deruth trusted him more than he trusted Cale.

Rok Soo doesn't cause trouble for no reason.  And Rok Soo can solve the problem smoothly without Deruth's help.

Rok Soo felt tired when given such a responsibility.  Violan also looks pale.

"Deruth, where do you want to go."
"Do something."

Deruth kissed Violan's forehead and hugged his children and arrived at the eastern continent.



"Is this the free city Ron was talking about?"

So many bandits but the people living there are fine.

'What kind of appearance should I use to disguise?'

Deruth dyed his hair blonde and wore clothes that showed he was a noble.

'Teacher or student?'

Deruth thought about when he could change his body according to the age he wanted.

Deruth changed his appearance to that of a man in his early 30s.

'Why do I still look young?'

Deruth sighed and moved to the very famous royal academy of Sez.


A blue-haired man with glasses bumped into Deruth.  He smelled of alcohol from head to toe.

"Ouh~ I'm sorry~"

Deruth didn't really mind it.

"If you're not drunk, please don't behave like a drunk person."

Deruth just said that and wanted to leave.

"Hey sir, where do you want to go? You seem like a good drinker."

Deruth looked Bud up and down.

"Sir, if I beat you in drinking wine, can you help me become a temporary change teacher at Sez academy?"

The blue-haired man looked Deruth up and down.

"Of course. I am the Leader of the Mercenaries Guild, Bud Illis!"

Deruth looked the same age as his current appearance.

'Do people in this world always look young?  Well, no wonder since he's a 'sword master'.'



Deruth could cheat like the last time he had a drink with Eruhaben, but he wanted to beat the man in front of him fairly.

It was because Bud was a good connection from the eastern continent.


After 3 days they drink.

Glenn was sweating at the sight of Bud who had fainted from drunkenness and Deruth's face was only slightly red from the Alcohol.

Compared to Eruhaben's alcohol, this alcohol is very light.

"Looks like I won."

Glenn knelt and gave Deruth a crown from a broken wine bottle.

"Finally I can see my annoying friend drunk! Thank you!"

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