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"Dad, where do you want to go?"

Cale asked when he saw his father dressed in an unusually extravagant manner.

"I was summoned by His Majesty the king. Do you want to replace me as a substitute?"

Cale's face was pale when he heard that.

"Father, I want to become a mage and raise my own team in the future! I don't want to be the heir!"

Deruth smiled and stroked Cale's head.

"I'm waiting for that day."

Deruth finished and left Cale alone in his room.

“Young master nim, you are going to become a mage?”

Ron asked somewhat surprised.  He didn't expect his puppy to intend to do something.

"Ron, it's a secret! Don't tell anyone!"

Cale looked cute, trusting Ron to tell the secret.

"Father took me with him to loot Baron Tels who mocked Basen a few days before, and now they are bankrupt and punished by His Majesty the King itself."

Ron's face stiffened at that.

"Are you hurt?"

Cale shook his head with a bright smile.

"Father protected me until he hurt his shoulder! Ron, dad is so cool now! I'm now studying magic, should I steal from noble children whose mouths can't be quiet?"

Ron gulped at that.

'Looks like I'll have to pay more attention to this puppy.'

But Ron didn't stop Cale.  He would only protect her if something happened.




In the palace.

Deruth could hear many maids speaking ill of the crown prince.


Deruth was violated by a young boy with many documents that were difficult for a child to understand.

His hair is gold and his eyes are blue.

"Are you the crown prince?"

Deruth asked as he helped cite the documents.

Alberu flinched when he asked that.  No one saw him as the crown prince anymore.  Everyone saw him like a thorn in their eye.

“Are you Count Deruth who just lost his memory?”

Alberu asked back.

Deruth looked at Alberu's extremely thin body, frowning.

"Do you want to come to my house to play?"

Alberu looked at Deruth in confusion.

"You are very thin. At least, I can feed you well."

Alberu gaped slightly, and was a little worried.

"No, I'm fine."

After citing all the documents he had to study and finishing them, Alberu ran away from Deruth.

Deruth sighed, entering Zed Crossman's office.



"I know it's rude, but do you have to ignore your child like that?"

After the two finished talking, Deruth asked that.

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