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A year passed after Park Soo Yun became Deruth.

The Henituse area has become an area famous for crowds and equality.  No one could see the slum areas of the land that were under Deruth's rule.

Deruth was a bit dizzy thinking about how to take care of the man-eating trees on the hill that used to be a slum area, so he just made a new fence.

There were many refugees who came from other slums to live under Deruth's rule after hearing they received aid every month.

Deruth's assistance was not in the form of money but comfortable housing and food.

So all of it will not be misused.

But there were humans who were greedy, and that would be taken care of by Cale without Deruth knowing.

Sometimes it could also be Rosalyn or Alberu's doing if they saw it.

Basen only charges them with eviction documents if they dare to do it again.

Naturally, Cale and the others will watching Basen as he did it.

They did it because they knew Deruth would take care of it himself and didn't have time to play with them.

So, the person who added to Deruth's work was a bad person in their eyes.

"Are we going to be okay?"

Rosalyn asked Cale while looking at the forest of darkness behind the large wall.

"If we want to be strong, shouldn't we kill monsters?"

Cale said that with a bright smile.

"Have you told Count nim about this? Or at least Ron."

Ron has 2 tasks.  Aside from being Cale's butler, he was also tasked with protecting Cale if he wanted to do anything crazy when Deruth wasn't with him.

"It's no fun if I tell them! Alright, let's go!"

Cale jumped down from the wall with flotation magic.

Rosalyn simply sighed and followed Cale's actions.  It was because what Cale said was not wrong.



A few minutes later.

"Isn't that still in the outer region of the forest of darkness!? Why is the monster so strong!?"

Cale ran and frantically threw a fireball.  But the attack didn't even scratch the monster that looked like a sharp-toothed rhino with a size of 2 meters.

"I told you it would be dangerous!"

Rosalyn made many spider webs to block the rhino monster's movement.

But that failed and they met another monster instead.

"Now what should we do?"

Rosalyn asked as the hand holding the wand shivered.

"What are we going to do? Let's just run. I'll tell my daddy first."
"Better hurry!"

-Dad, I was chased by a monster in the forest of darkness.  Please come soon or your son will die.  It's an emergency! ( ༎ຶ╭╮༎ຶ )

Deruth holding a paper in his hand was in a meeting between the factions he was forced to attend as the territory lord.

'Cale, didn't I tell you not to do any trouble today?'

Deruth sighed as he stood up from his chair.

“Count Deruth, where do you want to go?”

Deruth stared intently at all the eyes that were looking at him.

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