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Cale returned home and entered the room where Deruth was being treated.

Deruth had come to his senses and was drinking water, looking towards Cale who was standing at the door.

"I told you to leave Viscount Gillian to Ron or Beacrox."

Cale walked over and sat on the bed.

"Sorry for not listening to you. It was a terrible sight."

Deruth stroked Cale's head gently.

"It was terrible. That's why I didn't send you there."

Cale held Deruth's hand.

"Father, how do you know something so easily?"

Cale asked as he wished he could also read the situation quickly.

“Cale, there is a reason why I like wearing glasses.”

Cale looked at Deruth in confusion.

"I have an uncontrollable power, which allows me to see through someone's information. When I wear glasses, that power naturally stops working."

Cale was shocked to hear that.  So that was the reason why Deruth liked to wear glasses when meeting someone.

"But it's not almighty. It's hard to get information from someone I don't know the name of or I've never met in person. That's why I can tell when you drink and how much. It's not your fault if you can't read the situation.  "

Hearing that, Cale felt like he wouldn't be able to drink wine in peace after this.

"So you don't know about that star-symbol organization?"

Deruth nodded.

"They are a big organization, that's all I can come up with."

Deruth looked at Cale who looked calm, yet became gloomy.

"Cale, the world is a cruel place. There are many incidents like this that happen frequently. Everyone only has 2 hands, they can't prevent all the evil in this world."

Cale was still holding Deruth's hand.

"It's crazy to hurt their own family."
"You yourself know how marriage is for nobles."

Cale knew that.  Marriage is just a tool to get what they want.

"Cale, all I want is for all of you to grow up properly. If it's traumatizing you, you can quit."

Cale smiled brightly.

"Yeah, it gave me trauma. But now I want to torture him more!"
"Don't smile like that with such vicious words. What did I do to make you like this?"

Cale chuckled as he hugged Deruth.

"Father, talking to you is always the best option."
'But I feel otherwise.'

For some reason, his children became even more vicious after talking to him.

The invisible Eruhaben sighed seeing Cale's angry filled eyes.

'Looks like his power can't read a person's emotions.'

Eruhaben thought that when he saw how dense Deruth was.




Deruth sat in a wheelchair looking at all the documents regarding the destruction of the business as well as the many small and large residences of the four people he mentioned by name.

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