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A month passes quickly and they all go to the Whipper kingdom, making Rok Soo a good person, and once again Toonka is beaten to a pulp.

Now they were at the entrance of the Path of No Return.

"You really want to go in? Have you told dad about this?"

Cale asked worriedly.

"Yeah. I told him. He said to do whatever I want."

Cale sighed hearing that.

"What do you want to do there, young master?"

Hans asked curiously.

Rok Soo just smiled as he looked at the absorbent necklace Deruth had given him.

"Something important."

What do they expect from Rok Soo?

Rok Soo tells about the secret of the fog in Path of No Return, and they all look at On with admiration.

"My niece is great!"

Cale hugged On tightly and looked at Hong who seemed to want to be hugged too.

"Aww, come here my cute nephew!"

Cale opened his arms making Hong and Raon hug him.

"Rok Soo nim, are you really okay?"

Choi Han asked worriedly and saw Rok Soo's thin body.

"If Count nim gives permission, doesn't that mean it's safe?"

Beacrox said that as he straightened Lock's clothes.

"That's true, but...."

Raon revealed himself and puffed out his chest.

"I'm with him, strong Choi Han!"

They smiled at the cute black dragon.



Deruth was wearing a raincoat as he watched Rok Soo from above the trees.  With magic interference, Raon couldn't detect Deruth's presence.

Deruth simply followed the tracking device he placed on Rok Soo, and looked at the map he had made.

It wasn't that Deruth couldn't see information about the path in the Oorim forest.

But the illusion that the fog creates is really annoying.  If it was indeed the work of a dragon, Deruth would not hesitate to ask Eruhaben for help just to kill him.

When Rok Soo rested in the cave, Deruth was at the top of the tree already asleep.


"If I can find out, what is this master's name?"
"My name is Rok Soo."

Rok Soo replied with a bright smile.

They talk about the reward if Rok Soo puts out the fire in the forest and ends up sleeping then moving on the next morning.

Deruth was just monitoring if Rok Soo was okay.  But there seems to be a problem in the forest that Litana wants to enter the Oorim forest.


When they arrived at the entrance of the Path of No Return all of Cale and the others were already waiting for Rok Soo there.

Cale was shocked to see Litana.

"Miss Litana!? Why did you enter the Oorim forest!? You could starve to death!"

Rok Soo who finished talking to the hunchbacked old man looked at Cale in confusion.

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