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"What do you want to do!? How dare you lift me, Archie, the strongest killer whale at your disposal! Paseton, are you just going to stand still!?"

Archie shouted as he pushed Deruth away.

"I have no intention of hurting you. So just shut up."

Deruth's cold voice somehow made Archie instantly shut up even though he still looked annoyed.

'Why are you silent!?  Are we going with this human!?'

Archie asked Paseton from the look in his eyes.

'I don't know!  For now, let's just go with him.'

The two decided to see an opportunity to escape as Deruth looked strong.

"Dad, you come ba- Ah Shit! Not again!"

Cale gasped at the sight of Archie and Paseton.

“Cale, don't curse in front of your younger siblings.”

Cale quickly covered his mouth.  Deruth once forced him to eat sour lemon every time he cursed in front of Basen and Lily.

"But who are they?"

Alberu asked upon seeing the two injured.

"Only children I meet while walking."

Deruth took his space bag and took out two potions.

"Drink this and your wounds will heal."

Archie and Paseton looked at each other and ended up drinking anyway because it didn't smell like poison.

Their wounds quickly healed and Deruth gave them the roasted meat.

"What are your names?"

Rosalyn asked with her sweet smile.

"You remind me of my nuna."

Rosalyn's face reminded Paseton a little of his older sister.

"My name is Paseton, and this is Archie."

Hans and Choi Han looked at the two of them a few times.

"Are you brothers?"

Archie looked annoyed to hear that.

"A half-blood brother like him!? Of course not!"
"Yeah, we're not brothers."

Paseton looks sad.

"Isn't it too much to say he is mixed blood?"

Basen said that with a dissatisfied face.

"That's a fact, why am I the one at fault here?"

Alberu glared at Archie sharply.

"Count, I don't like him."

Deruth sighed hearing that.

"Maybe the way you grew up was different, but there's nothing wrong with understanding other people a little more."

Deruth gently stroked Archie's head.


"Don't touch me carelessly! Who do you think you are!?"

The others felt their hands itch to smack Archie.  How dare he hit the hand of Deruth, the person they admired!

"Dad, I don't like him! Just throw him into the ocean!"

Cale scowled and the others nodded.

"It's normal for children to be stubborn at his age."

Deruth said that as he stroked Paseton's head which was a complete contrast to Archie's brusqueness.

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