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Deruth let his children destroy the surroundings because if he did, he would destroy it completely to nothing.

Baaaaaaang!  Baaaaaaang!  Baaaaaaang!

"Are you alright?"

Pendrick asked nervously when he saw Deruth who really looked annoyed.

Well, Rok Soo is hurt, how can he not be angry?  It's miraculous that he still has a stoic face.

Deruth took Cassian from the elf earlier and moved towards where the branch of the world tree was.

There, Cassian's healing will be faster.  Of course, Deruth took the mattress from his spatial bag and spread it there.

How could he let his son sleep on the hard ground?

A few hours later, they all returned with a member of the Arm organization who had passed out.

"Too bad the spear man escaped."

Cale said that as he kicked the bastard's head.

"You guys stay here, look after Rok Soo and this child."

Choi Han didn't seem to like it.  Likewise with Lock.

They know about Cassian is a member of Arm.

"You can't be mad at a 15-year-old who doesn't know the world very well."

Lock was shocked.  Are they almost the same age?  He is currently 16 years old.

Cale sighed, sitting near the two and Raon cleaning the blood on Rok Soo's body.

Pendrick sat down and made a crown from the leaves of the branches of the world tree.

Cale pinched Cassian's cheek.

"Very thin."

Cale didn't like it.  Does the organization not give any food to its members?

Cale then looked at Rok Soo who had chubby cheeks but his face was very pale just like Cassian's.

"This one sucks too."

Cale pulled Rok Soo's cheek a little hard.

There was no reaction at all indicating that he was completely unconscious.

"I go now."
"Where to?"

Ron asked and the others looked displeased with it.

"Destroy the highest mountain where Rok Soo found that useless power."

Cale got goosebumps.

'Dad won't destroy it completely, right?'

Ron was bewildered, but still adamant to come along.

Deruth told Beacrox to prepare some food for the two fainted boys when they woke up.

The food can be kept in the spatial bag.




Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang!  Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang!  Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang!


Ron fell silent at the terrifying power.  Where did that power come from?

Deruth didn't even care when his entire body was injured and damaged.  His mouth and nose were bleeding non-stop from using overused his power.

The image of the orphanage being blown up filled his mind.

Rok Soo is bleeding and in pain...

The bloodied corpses and all their will to live from the information of his left eye when he cannot control it...

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