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The end of the year came quickly when they were all ready for the race they were in.

Deruth looked at Mary who was sitting beside him.

"Don't you want to participate in this festival?"

Mary shook her head as she held onto her cloak.  Everyone would be scared if they saw his hand.

Deruth sighed softly at that, and lifted Mary, making her sit on his lap.

It took Mary by surprise.


Deruth stroked Mary's head gently.

"Whoever you are, as long as you are a good kid, you deserve to participate."

Deruth gave the gloves to Mary.

"Go play something easy."

Mary nodded and the others saw that, not knowing whether to feel tired or relieved.

That's because Mary is the same as Helgi.



Bang!  Bang!  Bang!

Fireworks set off signaling the beginning of the festival.

"Lily, you can do it! Run faster! You can win this!"

Cale shouted encouragingly.

"Lily! You can!"

Basen and the others also shouted encouragingly.

Rok Soo just holds a 'Fighting!' banner to encourage.  He was too lazy to scream.

Lily ran as fast as she could not even noticing her rival.  All she thought about was doing her best.

Lily felt time move slowly as the rope on the finish line hit her body.

"Woooooo! Lily! You won! Those shoes are yours!"

Lily smiled happily and fainted from exhaustion, nervousness, and pleasure.



"In the second reign of the Roan kingdom-"

"Ancient power is a relic-"

"A company went bankrupt in-"

Alberu, Taylor, and Basen competed in a mind test competition, making the other participants want to quit.

The three of them seemed to be in their own world.


Even on the side of the audience, it was silent.


"Cage, you got this! Another plate!"

Taylor encouraged Cage who took part in the eating contest even though he knew Cage had no chance of winning.

-Human, I love this race!  More meat for me!

Cage also knew he would not win against the black dragon.  They knew about the existence of the black dragon because they were also people who were considered brothers to the Henituse family.

That made Cage and Taylor happy.



"Rok Soo, your kids are scary."

Not even 10 seconds, On and Hong had already climbed the pole to the top.

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