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"Mavros!? Is that his real face!?"

"Impossible! He must be thinking about going back to undercover himself as a teacher after this!"

"You all must have won because of what Mavros did, right!? You didn't win fairly!"

The Deruth class simply lowered their heads.

'I embarrassed you.  So now, they must hate me.'

Bang!  Swing!

Deruth was shocked to see his disciple cast a powerful spell and drew a sword slicing hard iron.

"For these 3 months, I will make you guys surpass your limits and advance."

"Then you must advance without being knocked down no matter what obstacles stand in your way."

Nathan muttered Deruth's words 3 months ago.

Now, he understood.  After 3 months, Garnet will not be able to take care of and teach them anymore.

Nathan gritted his teeth.

"Mavros!!! Have you never seen us as your students!!? Are we the only ones who consider you as our teacher!?"

One by one, Deruth's students shed their tears.

'What happened?  I disturbed your family.  Aren't you supposed to hate me?'

Deruth was confused by his student's actions.

'Mavros annoys my family.  I'm getting really busy, ugh... If I run into him, I'll hit him!'

'You know what, Mavros blew up my family's vault!  My father is furious!  Ugh, my head.'

'My parents got busy because of Mavros!  I have to babysit my sister because of that!  Imagine how to study while taking care of your annoying little sister!  Ugh!  I can't study!'

Deruth remembers all the chats and complaints of his students in class when it's an empty class time to fulfill their time.

"Mr. Garnet-! No, Mavros nim! Are you deliberately disturbing my family!?"

A female student Deruth with tears flowing profusely stared at Deruth who had an indifferent face.


Deruth used loudspeaker magic so he didn't have to scream.

But it made the students cry even more.

'Why are you guys crying!?'

As young people, they all hated being scolded and doing work.  They also like to complain.

But what Mavros did was never to their detriment even if it was annoying.

For students from wealthy families, blowing up their vaults was a pain in the ass.

However, they were happy to see their sibling struggling with it so that they could study better even if they were scolded for no reason.

Meanwhile, the only child from a rich family can finally stop hearing their annoying parents yelling.  They only know to blame them and don't even see their efforts to do something.

Pressure from their parents makes them more depressed and difficult to concentrate.

They are very grateful to Mavros for that.

While students from ordinary people made his father's business flooded with orders and kept them busy.

It helps their finances so they can go to the academy with peace of mind.

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