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Cale came home feeling disappointed and he bothered Rok Soo to cheer up himself.

But Rok Soo just ignored him like he didn't exist.

"Why is this one of my dongsaeng so cold?"
"Hyung, we've arrived home."

Rok Soo pushed Cale coldly as they entered the Henituse mansion.

They all find it strange that no one is waiting for them like always.

"Hans, what happened?"

Beacrox immediately pulled Hans who looked pale.

"Ron nim, he came home injured. Jack has healed his wound, but the mermaid poison..."

Their faces turned cold.  How long will the mermaids want to bother them?

"Let's see his current state."



They entered the guest room and saw Violan who was giving herbs to suppress the mermaid poison.

There was no blood running down Ron's neatly cut arm.

Jack had healed him, but the mermaid's venom was dark attribute so Jack was afraid that something that shouldn't have happened, happened.

Hannah gritted her teeth wanting to slaughter the organization that cut off Ron's arm.

Beacrox immediately knelt beside the bed.


Ron smiled at his son whose eyes were shaking and starting to turn red.

Ron became weak because of the mermaid poison.

"Rok Soo, he can still be saved, right? You saved Paseton before!"

Rok Soo held onto Cale's shoulders to calm him down.

"Yes, I can."

Rok Soo is also annoyed.

"So calm down and report this to dad. I have to tell him because I'm planning to destroy something."

Everyone got goosebumps with Rok Soo's angry eyes.
Even if Ron often made fun of them with lemonade tea, he was his people.

-Dad, something bad happen! Answer me! Dad!

Cale telepathed with Deruth, but there was no answer.


It made Cale's heart feel bad and took the magic communication device.

He made an emergency call.


It finally connected, giving Cale some relief.

"Oh, da-"


He only saw his father lying on the bed with blood running down his mouth as well as veins that were like black spiderwebs slightly appearing on his neck.

His father was poisoned by death mana.

Ron was poisoned by mermaid poison and his father was poisoned by death mana?

Cale felt he was going crazy.

"What happened, who are you?"

They could only see Deruth from the magic communication device.

"Could it be that you're a member of the Hulse organization? We have no intention of hurting Mavros nim. But we just wanted to say he can't help you. And he's fine."

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