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"I'm going away for two days. You heard mom and Ron say. Don't make trouble."

Deruth spoke softly looking at all of them while lifting Lily up.

"Dad, you look cool!"

Cale said that while looking Deruth up and down.

Luxurious clothes, neatly tied hair and glasses that made Deruth very handsome.

"Dad, why are you wearing glasses?"

Basen asked confusedly.  Deruth had eyes as sharp as an eagle, how could he be myopic?

"Am I not cool with it?"
"No, you're cool."

Violan said that while looking elsewhere.

No one could say Deruth was ugly or unworthy of being at the king's birthday party with his current appearance.

"I'll be home in two days."

Deruth said that and kissed Violan's forehead which made Violan's face turn red.

“Cale, don't go to the Bar.”

Deruth kissed each child's cheek and teleported to Gyerre territory.



He opened his eyes, seeing many nobles with clothes that hurt his eyes.


Alberu smiled as he approached Deruth.

"Two weeks I haven't seen you, you're getting thin."

Deruth said that as he tugged at Alberu's cheek.

The nobles would think Deruth was rude, but Alberu was happy to see Deruth not changing at all even when he was in front of the nobles.

"You treat my son like he is your son."

Zed greeted Deruth.

"Wouldn't that make me a more trustworthy subordinate? I chose him, so does that make you feel like your position as king is being threatened?"

Deruth spoke casually with a king, whom even a duke had to submit and respect.

Zed narrowed his eyes seeing the very relaxed Deruth talking to him.

But Zed couldn't do anything because Deruth was such a good lord that he didn't even have slums in his realm.

Also Deruth's wealth exceeds that of himself, who is a king.  It made Zed unable to irritate Deruth.

Deruth could have started a rebellion if he was annoyed with all the money.

"You're getting less and less self-conscious after losing your memory."
"Forgive my impudence."

Zed walked over to his trusted subordinate and left Deruth with Alberu.

"Do you want to tie the knot with the empire?"

Deruth asked and Alberu was deep in thought.

"Crown prince Adin is a cunning person. I don't know if I can trust him. The Roan Kingdom is a kingdom that has nothing, they won't be interested in us."

Deruth also had no interest in making deals with the imperial people.

They teleported from the Gyerre region straight to the empire.



Deruth could see the prince who was slightly older than Alberu smiling at all of them.

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