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"Dad! Wake up! Let's play!"

Cale, Basen and Lily jumped on the bed waking Deruth.

'Ugh!  How could I think they were cute before!?'

Deruth woke up with an annoyed face.  Cale and the other two who were looking at the irritated Deruth, laughed.

"Dad, let's play!"

What do you want to play at this hour!?  The sun hasn't even said hello yet!

"Sure. In your dreams. Go to sleep."

The three of them used their puppy eyes hearing that.

Deruth felt a star fall over his head.

"Okay. What do you want to play?"

The three of them smiled at that.

"Dad, today is my birthday! Can we cook a cake together!?"

Cale asked excitedly.  He thought he'd celebrate his birthday at his mother's grave like he always does, but it looks like he could have had a better birthday.


Deruth glared at Cale.

"Why didn't you tell me from the start? Where's mom? We can cook together."

Deruth quickly got off the bed, and went to the bathroom.

"Mother is already in the kitchen. Actually......"

Deruth looked at Cale in confusion as the three of them looked scared.




"Oh my god...."

What are they doing in the kitchen!?

"At first we only took mom because you looked tired. But who would have thought, we are so bad at cooking."

Deruth could only pat his forehead on the kitchen that seemed no longer usable.

Violan also looks guilty.  Since Violan was the daughter of a wealthy merchant, of course she never entered the kitchen.

"Hyung! Please, let us use your kitchen!"

Cale begged the frowning Baecrox to use his kitchen.

"What if you guys destroy this kitchen too?"

Baecrox looks very cold.

"I'm here, so don't worry. We're just making cookies, not bombs."

Deruth casually entered the kitchen, put on an apron, took eggs, flour and all the ingredients for making cakes.

"Cale, you beat the egg please. Violan, you prepare a container with oil for the cake. Basen, Lily, you guys sift the flour."

They quickly do what they are told.  Deruth prepares other ingredients such as sugar, raising powder and so on.

“Cale, what flavor cake do you want?”
"Hnm.... Blueberries!"

Deruth quickly found the blueberries in the kitchen.

After all the ingredients were complete, Deruth took over everything until there was only left to bake.

Baecrox who saw Deruth cooking well, raised his eyebrows.

"Baecrox, prepare the fire. You three help him."

Baecrox can do it alone.  But since it was cooking together, Deruth had the three of them help Baecrox.

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