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In Bloke village.

Deruth saw how the village was beautifully constructed, reminding him of the Jungle.

"I heard, there are elves here! I want to meet them!"

Cale spoke excitedly as Rok Soo frowned.

"I totally disagree. I don't want to meet an elf at all."

Cale puffed out his cheeks hearing that and lifted Rok Soo.


"What the hell?"

Cale used magic to help him lift Rok Soo.  There was no way his frail body could lift Rok Soo stably for a long time.

"If I want it, you need to follow my will. I'm hyung here."
"I'm dongsaeng here, so you have to listen to me. Elves are the source of trouble."

The trip felt like a student group entourage.  They all looked cheerful as Deruth watched them.

-Humans, are we going to meet the elves!?  I wonder what they look like!

"Meow, I'm hungry."

On climbed onto Hans' shoulders as he was lazy to walk while Hans gave Hong a snack.

"We won't meet the elves! We won't."
"Ouh, Rok Soo, I don't care about what your wishes are. If I want, you should come too."
"Leave me alone!"


Rok Soo used the wind, sending Cale flying into a nearby tree.


Cale jumped down from the tree, with many twigs caught in his hair.

"Aww... My Dongsaeng is so unfriendly. You're worse than Archie!"

Ron immediately cleaned Cale's hair.  Cale looked at Deruth's perfect hair, feeling envious.

"Dad, what's your secret to making your hair that beautiful?"

Deruth passed a potion to Cale.

"Become strong. Just look at Choi Han."

They all looked at Choi Han, embarrassing him.  But it's true.  When they were all covered in dust and whatever, Choi Han was still as clean as if he had just come out of the bathroom.

'Yep.  A protagonist is still a protagonist.'

Rok Soo nodded his head with that thought.

"Which inn would you guys like to go to?"

Deruth asked and they all pointed to one big and clean inn.

Deruth nodded and handed Ron the money bag.



They were all busy talking and Rok Soo leaned against the registration desk.


One of the tables filled with 5 robed people dropped his fork.

Rok Soo looks at the food on his table and frowns when he sees that there are only vegetable types dishes there.

'Damn it.'

Rok Soo could see the confusion on the man's face.  They must be elves.

'He must have found one.'

But, why did they come down here when they didn't like humans?

"Raon, fly in circles. You don't know me."

Rok Soo said that and Raon kept on doing it even though he was still confused.

Rok Soo acted like he didn't know anything while staring at one place.

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