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After everything was done, the Henituse region was calm and prosperous again.

Deruth still regretted that Cale, the sweet child had become so cruel in just an instant after getting to know him.

'Did I bring a bad muddy?'

Deruth marked another piece of paper, and Alberu knocked on the open door.

"Count, can you come with me to the empire? You are the only support I have."

Alberu asked while lowering his head.  Deruth had a lot of work to do, so he was always busy.

"Why do you have to go to the empire?"

Deruth asked casually.

"They held their king's birthday party and invited other kingdoms to enliven the event. But the thing is, the saint from the church of the sun will also attend."

As a Dark elf, Alberu is always present with confidence when wearing a bracelet that can cover his Dark elf aura.

But this time, he wanted to go with Deruth, a person he could trust.  The journey is sure to be a lot more fun too.


Alberu smiled brightly hearing that.

"Next two weeks."

Deruth nodded.

"I will go with you. Put me on the list of people who will be under you."

Everyone knew, all of Alberu's subordinates were the third prince's subordinates.

For now, the only faction that followed Alberu openly was Deruth.

He did have the political support of Litana and Rosalyn, but as for the subordinates, he only had Deruth.

Cale and Basen hadn't reached the age to be his supporters at big events like birthday parties or any kind of party.

"How long will we be there?"
"2 days."

It was a short day.



Ron and Violan's complexion paled hearing Deruth wanted to leave for 2 days.

"Why are you guys so pale? I'm just telling you to look after the kids for a while."
"They don't listen to us when they fight! Just look at the facilities that were destroyed when you were away for only 3 days!"

Violan snorted discontentedly.

Basen and Lily are also getting more and more difficult to manage.  Basen can provoke emotions in people who are stronger than him without him realizing it.

Lily also didn't want to stop practicing until she passed out.

Not to mention the other children.  They don't have 10 hands to take care of them all.

"Deruth, how did you manage to take care of them all so well? Aren't you tired?"

Deruth raised his eyebrows in confusion.

"They're getting bigger and it's less of a hassle. They hear orders pretty well and only destroy a few places. No one was hurt."

Deruth casually said that.

"I'm just dizzy how they can all torture someone so easily. Where did I go wrong? I've never tortured anyone in front of them."

It was true that Deruth had never torture anyone in front of his children, nor did he like the job.

"There's no need to think about it. The world is precisely that cruel, so it wouldn't be strange if they might see something like that somewhere."

Ron said that considering the chaos that could occur in a free city on the eastern continent.  It wouldn't even be strange to see someone kill in a free city.

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