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"Where is the crown prince, Your Majesty."

Rosalyn asked considering she had to have connections with all the princes there.

"He's in Rain city, do you want my guard to take you there?"

Zed asked softly, and Rosalyn shook her head.

"I'll use the teleport scroll. I'll be back after giving my greetings."

Everyone insisted on having Rosalyn take the guards, but she wouldn't.




Rosalyn saw the peaceful and prosperous Rain city, felt her heart calm.

Rosalyn walked for a while, and finally saw a golden-haired man she was quite familiar with.


Rosalyn wanted to say hello before stopping when she saw the red-haired boy in Alberu's arms.

"Today's atmosphere is also very peaceful huh."

Alberu spoke in a relaxed tone.



Cale took a bite of all the ice cream in Alberu's other hand.

"Hey! That's my ice cream! You got yours!"
"Yours is better."

Alberu looked at the cone that no longer had ice cream with a disappointed face.

"Hyung, I hate you."
"Sure, I love you too."

Alberu wanted to strangle Cale out of irritation.

"The Count bought me this ice cream! Just say you're jealous because you bought it yourself with your money!"
"Who's jealous?"

Rosalyn was confused to see Alberu who seemed more free in expression than the last time they met.

Deruth came with Lily in his right hand and hold Basen's hand with the other hand.

“Cale, are you bullying Alberu again?”
"I'm not bullying him! Dad, you've forgotten your own son by buying someone else ice cream."

Alberu looked at Cale discontentedly.

"Haaah.... Do you all want ice cream? Let's buy it."

Alberu put Cale down and Cale holding Basen's hand ran together towards the ice cream shop.

Deruth smiled stroking Alberu's head.

"Just tell me if you want something. I'll buy it."
"Is that true?"
"Did I ever lie?"

Alberu smiled brightly hearing that.

"Can you buy a pen for me?"
"A wooden sword for Lily!"
"I want a pen too."
"I want a magic toy from the magic shop."

Deruth smiled at the children's request.

"Sure. Let's buy it after we eat ice cream."

The four of them smiled brightly as they ate ice cream together.

"Dad, aren't you eating ice cream?"

Cale asked looking at Deruth who was only watching them eat.

"I don't really like ice cream."

Deruth said that as he stood up and bought cotton candy at the stall.

"I enjoy this more. Want to try it?"

They look curious and eat it.  Their eyes all sparkled at the sweetness of the cotton candy.

"Dad, I want one too!"
"No, you guys have eaten ice cream. Mom will be mad if she finds out you've eaten too many sweets. Let's just share."

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