Chapter 9: Party Time

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I climbed out of the window catching on to the nearest tree branch closest to my window and almost falling in the process. This is so wrong. What did I get myself into?

I finally reached the ground and I looked over to see Harry's car parked up the street. I quickly ran to the car and hopped into the passenger side. I look over to see Harry grinning like an idiot. "What ?" I snapped.

"Hi, Bananas!" I jump at the sound of my best friend screaming in my ear.

"Jesus Nina, don't do that," I said. She giggled. "Sorry babe." She apologized. I glared over at Harry. He chuckled.

"What's so funny?" I said. "Nothing." I scoffed. "Just drive," I demanded.

"We pulled off. We arrived at a big mansion with cars parked all over the lawn. Wow, whoever lived here really doesn't care about the lawn.

I stepped out to the sound of music blasting as loud as it possibly could go. I look around a saw a lot of drunk teens running around and couples making out. Some people were laid out on the ground. I don't even know if that guy over there is still breathing and no one bothered to check on him.

"Now this is my kind of party!" Harry stated from behind me. I scoffed at Harry's comment.

Nina soon stepped out of the car. "You can say that again! Woo, let's party!" She chanted While running off into the house. I turned around to look at Harry.

"Harry I don't know about this." I said uneasily "Come on Anna, lighten up. I thought you were a rebel." He said. I sighed

"Alight I guess I'll give it a shot."
He cheered and patted me on the back. He pulled me along into the house. The inside was worse than outside. It smelled of beer and sweat. This is so gross.

Why do people get so hyped about these things? Harry then spotted a guy who I'm guessing is his friend and called him over. He was pretty short and he had light brown hair with blue eyes.

Harry introduced us. "Anna this is Louis. He's the host of this killer party." Harry said. I nodded my head. "Nice to meet you, Louis." I greeted. He grabbed my hand and kissed the back of it. "Pleasures all mine babe." I pulled my hand away quickly.

"Wow, fiery little one. I like it." He gave me a wink.

"Okay Lou, I think Anna has had enough. Go get us some drinks." Harry said. He patted Harry's back and walked off towards the kitchen.

Harry started to talk and meet with other people so I decided to go find a seat. I sat next to a couple making out. Eww! Louis approached me with a red cup.

"Here." He extended the cup out for me to take. I eyed the red cup suspiciously. "What is it." He laughed. "Relax it's just water babe. I figured you're not the type to drink." He smiled.

I hesitantly grabbed the cup. "Thanks." I murmured. I took a sip of the liquid. It had a funny aftertaste to it but I just ignored it.

A few moments later I started to feel dizzy. My head started to spin and I became extremely hot.

I tried to call Harry or Nina but I don't think any of them heard me over the blaring music. I saw Louis approach me again. "Are you alright love?" He asked. I grabbed his shirt. "Louis I don't feel so good. Can you please go get Harry? I need to go home." I begged.

He stood me up ignoring my request. "Louis I ......" My vision started to blur. It's like everything started to move in slow motion. "I'm going to take you upstairs love so you can lie down." He explained.

We reached a room that looked like a boy's room. I think that it's Louis's room. He laid me on the bed. He then walked over to the door and locked it. I tried to sit up but I couldn't move. What's going on? I need to get out of here.

"You're okay love," Louis said. He walked over to the dress and opened one of the draws.

"Louis c-can you..... I need Harry." I mumbled. He started to stride slowly over to me. "No love I don't think you need Harry. What you need is me." He said. He got on top of me straddling me. He started kissing my neck hungrily.

"Louis please..." He ignored me and continued his actions. I whimpered. "Shh, it's okay love." He whispered.

No, it is not okay. He ripped my shirt off and started to work on my shorts. I tried to push him off but my limbs wouldn't move. What's wrong with me?

I felt tears travel down my cheeks. "Louis please don't do this." I cried. He started to drag my shorts down my legs. "Somebody help me," I called. He laughed. "No one can hear you love." I started to cry.

Then there was A bang on the door. "Go the Fuck away! Don't you SEE that it's locked!" Louis yelled. I heard a voice that sounded like Harry's. "Louis where the fuck is Anna!" The voice yelled. Louis froze.

"I don't know I thought she was with you!" He yelled.

"Bullshit! Louis open the fucking door! I know she's in there!"

The banging got louder Then the door flew open revealing Harry. Then I blanked out.

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