Chapter 25: Searching

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Harry's POV

I instruct Zayn to go wait in the car while I go do something really quickly. He obligates but follows my request and walks to the door. I jumped up and quietly raced up the stairs, being careful not to wake our parents and Anna. I stopped at her bedroom door. I just wanted to check on her before I left. I quietly cracked the door open to peek inside. To my surprise, she's not there.

I decided to check her bathroom. I tapped on the door. "Anna?"

I received no answer. I opened to door to find it empty as well. "Where the hell is she?"

I closed her bedroom door and headed across the hall to check my room. I still saw no sign of her. I pulled out my phone and decided to text her.

H- where are you?

I received no answer. I started to worry. Where the hell could she be? I would have seen her leave because I was in the living room with Zayn.

Realization took over me. Maybe she snuck out to talk to Louis. She did make a big fuss about wanting to be apart of this. I clearly told her to stay out of this. Why is she so hard headed?

Ugh! She so stubborn. What if she's in trouble? Of course, she's in trouble it Louis I'm talking about. The same Louis who drugged her and almost rapped her last week.

I dashed down the stairs and ran to the car. "Zayn we have to go now!"

I jumped into the car and slammed the door. He looks at me confused. "Why, what's wrong mate?"

"Because Anna's at his fu*king house and who knows what that bastard is doing to her. Drive now!" I demanded.

He immediately pushed down on the gas and we were off to Louis's house.

We pulled up into the yard. I jumped out, not even giving Zayn a chance to park. I didn't even have the time to knock I shot the door with my gun and barged in not giving a fuck about money it's going to cost.

I saw a faint light coming from the living room. They must be in there. I ran down the hall until I came upon a sight I did not want to see. Louis standing in front of Anna.

Anna was tied up to a chair shirtless with just her bra and her jeans on. With Alex holding a gun to her head.

"What the fuck is going on here!"

I demanded. "Louis gave me his signature, crocked, smirk.

"Oh, nice of you to join us Styles. Please have a seat and join our little game." He mocked.

My jaw clenched. "Go to hell." I spat.

He laughed. "We'll see who'll feel like they are in hell." He smirked.

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