Chapter 28: Explanation

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We walked into the house. I was glad that our parents weren't home because I really didn't want them to pester me and Harry with questions as to why we're arriving home at such a late hour.

I followed Harry upstairs into his room. He walked fast, making it hard for me to keep up. We reached his bedroom. He walked over to the light, turned it on and ordered me to sit, pointing to the bed.

"Talk." He demanded.

I gulped. I couldn't help but feel intimidated by his demanding gesture and lack of words. I began to explain myself.

"Harry I only went to Louis's house because I thought you were going seal the deal with a yes."

He looked at me with disbelief. "I told you to stay out of this. You disobeyed me. I'm older than you and you should stop being so hard headed and listen to me sometimes. I'm tired of saving your ass because of you not following directions!"

"I only did that because I didn't want to go on with the deal!" I yelled.

"What made you think I was gonna say yes!" He yelled.

"Because I overheard you and that boy!" I shouted.

He gave me a questioning look. "What do you mean you overheard me and Zayn?"

"When you came in the house with him you said it's best if she didn't know what was going on until it happened. I thought you sealed the deal behind my back and I thought you weren't going to tell me until it happened." I admitted.

"I was talking about going to Louis's house with a gun and threatening him. I only said that so you wouldn't get in the middle of this and follow me which you did!"

I looked down at my hands. "Oh."

Now I feel stupid.

His facial features softened as if he was hurt. "You thought that I would do that to you?" He asked.

"Yeah, at the time I did," I admitted. "I don't know you, Harry."

"After all those times that I saved you, saved us you should know that I at least   give a shit about you."

He bent down in front of me. He grazed his hand on my cheek. The gesture sent butterflies to my stomach. He pulled my chin up so that I could look into his eyes

He slowly spoke. "I'm not just some arsehole that everyone makes me out to be. I have feelings too you know."

"I know and I'm sorry." I apologized.

He leaned in a pressed his lips on my forehead. The sweet gesture took me by surprise.

It seems like Harry and I go in this never-ending circle again and again. We fight, we kiss and makeup. To be honest  I don't mind our little infinity circle. If I could I would go through this again and again.

I heard the front door open. "Harry we're home! Sorry, we're late!"

I heard my mom call. I pushed Harry away from me and quickly ran to the door mumbling a "sorry" before I left.

I stepped in the hallway only to be met by my mother giving me a questioning look.

Oh crap.

"Oh, hey mom. How's it going?"

She gave me a confused look. "Good, I suppose. What were you doing in Harry's room?" She asked.

"Oh umm, he was helping me study." I lied.

She looked at her watch. "This late?" She asked. "Ummm yeah, it's never too late to start some geometry."

She looked at me amused by me excuse.

"Where are your books?" She asked.

"Oh uh..... I-I uh left them in Harry's room. I'll grab them in the morning."

I faked a yawn. "All this studying has made me tired. I think I'm going to sleep. Night mom." I rushed into my room.

That was so close.

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