chapter 42: Distraction

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Harry pov

Once I pulled up into the parking lot of the pub, I turned my engine off and rested my head against the steering wheel. I just needed to calm down, catch my breath, compose myself.


I'm here for one reason and one reason only. To get a drink and distract myself. Distract myself from my fucked up life. I know that drinking is just the way to do it.

Don't get me wrong, I promised myself that I wouldn't get addicted like my father. I would never follow in his footsteps. I wouldn't even treat a dog roaming out on the streets how my father treated my mother. All because of one thing. All because of alcohol.

I decided to not torture myself any longer. I'm going to go inside and get a drink. Maybe I just need to cool down before I go back home.....that place.

I stepped out of my car and slammed the door shut. The cool breeze of the fall air nipping at my face. I didn't mind it though. I like the cold. It reminds me of myself in a way. It shows up out of nowhere and fucks things up. When it comes around people shield themselves from it and complain about it and it makes beautiful flowers die.

See? An exact definition of me.

I hung my head low as I made my way into the pub, speed walking so I could hurry up and get my drink. When I entered there were a few people scattered throughout the small building. I guess no one really drinks on a Tuesday.

I took off my coat and hung it on the rack by the door. Hopefully, none of these drunks will decide to pull a dick move and take my coat.

Just to be safe I removed my wallet and keys and shoved them into my pocket. I don't trust any of these people. I don't know why I even trust them with my three hundred dollar pea coat that I worked hard to get on my own.

I made my way over to the bar to order my drink. I sat down at one of the stools next to a guy wearing a black leather jacket. He had his back facing me with his head down against the bar table. Man, he looks familiar. What's his problem?

I shrugged it off not caring enough about the stranger and continued with what I came here for.

I whistled at one of the bartenders. "Excuse me, over here," I called.

A guy walked over to me. He had light blond hair with a black lip ring. He looked no older than twenty, maybe younger.

"Hey sir what can I getcha?" He questioned. I noticed his Australian accent right off the bat.

"Um, a nice Scotch. Hold the ice please." I ordered. 

"Coming right up." He said before he went off to fix my drink.

In the meantime, I decided to check my phone. I noticed that I had two messages from Anna and one from Liam. I decided to look at Anna's.

A- where r u?

I decided not to reply. Why was is it any of her business where I was? Why did she care? She shouldn't care about me she has her perfect family including my dad. She's not a fuck up like me. She's not at a bar trying to drown out her childhood memories and miserable life like I am. She's one of them, not me.

I didn't notice the bartender come back with my drink. "There you go, sir. One Scotch no ice. Anything else?" He asked.

I waved my hand shooing him away. His voice sounds annoyingly happy and I can't deal with that right now. He walked away to attend to someone else.

With three big gulps, I drowned down my drink. The familiar burn went down my throat. Yup, that hit the spot. I started to cough a little, my eyes watering in the process.

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