Chapter 22: Where Are You?

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I stood up from Harry's bed and walked over to my room. Where did he go? Did he go and find Louis? God, I hope he's alright. What am I saying? Of course, he's alright. Harry can defend himself unlike me.

I shook the thought of Harry out of my head walking over to my dresser, picking out my pajamas, which usually consists of an oversized t-shirt and underwear.

I decided to take a long shower to rid my mind of what Harry could possibly be doing right now. He should be back soon, I would hope. I let the warm water run over my head and body, relaxing my tense muscles. This is just what I needed. Relaxation to rid my mind of all the crazy things that's been happening lately.

My life was just fine before Harry came along. Normal before him. Now it's taken so many turns. Me almost getting hurt. It's always an almost with Harry. Me almost getting raped. Me almost getting caught.

Almost falling for him.

I finished my shower and quickly got ready for bed. I glanced at my phone. It's already eleven. Where could he be? I decided to text him and check on him.

A- are you ok? Where are you?

He didn't reply. I locked my screen and place my phone under my pillow. I hope he's alright.

Harry, please be careful, wherever you are.

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