Chapter 53: Drunk

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7:05 pm
Harry POV

I drove into Liam's driveway, parking my car in the process. Liam called me over to hang out and catch up on a few things. The last time I saw him was when we were at Louis's house trying to escape.

I walked up to his door and knocked.

"Who is it?"

"It's Harry. Who else?" I replied.

I heard the door unlock and open revealing Liam. Talk about deja vu.

"Oh hello mate. Come on in. The guys are in the kitchen." He informed. I looked at Liam confused. "Guys?" I questioned.

"Yeah. We're all just chilling and having a couple of beers." Said Liam. "That's why I invited you over."

When he called me over he definitely didn't mention that there would be a house party. I should have stayed home.

Liam walked into the kitchen with me following behind. "Hey everybody, Harry's here!" Liam announced.

I could have gone without the introduction.

I stepped around Liam to be met with four faces looking at me from the table.

The only face I was familiar was Zayn's. What the hell is he doing here?

The other three were unfamiliar to me. One had blond hair with dark roots and blue eyes. The other one had light brown hair and a slight stubble on his face. The last one had bright red hair, with green eyes and an eyebrow piercing.

"Harry this is Niall, Ashton, and Michael. Of course, you already know Zayn." Said Liam.

I nodded my head at the three and the nodded back.

"Well now that everyone knows everyone let's get some drinks." Suggested Liam. All of the guys started cheering except for me and Zayn.

Well, this can't get any more awkward.

Liam went into his freezer and placed a few bottles of beer on the table. All of the guys quickly snatched theirs off the table and opened them drinking the cool liquids. All except for me and Zayn.

Liam looked at us questionably. "Aren't you guys going to drink? He questioned.

I started to grow uncomfortable and I noticed Zayn shift in his seat. Zayn finally spoke. "Yeah, I'll have one mate."

Liam handed him a bottle and looked over at me. "What about you Styles?" He questioned.

"I ah.... don't drink," I said.

I heard Zayn scoff, mumbling to himself. I tried to hold myself back from punching him in his face.

"Come on Styles. We'll all know that that's bull. Here, have one." Liam offered to hand me a bottle.

I was a bit uneasy about this. The last time I drank It did not turn out pretty on my part. Well..... it's just one drink. What's one drink gonna do? I took it anyway.

"That's the spirit styles." Liam encourages as he patted my back. Everyone else cheered....... except for Zayn.

1:00 am

By now the room was spinning. I didn't know what the hell I was saying. Just to clarify, things did not go as planned.

"I gotta get home and check on my baby.............. sissy." I slurred.

Liam laughed. "I'm pretty sure Anna's fine. She's sixteen mate." Liam said. His speech also slurred.

"No, she's a baby," I argued.

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