Chapter 26: Playtime

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Harry's POV

As I sat in the chair, I thought about how I'm going to escape. I fiddled with the ropes behind my back, struggling to get loose.

Fuck! How did I let this happen? If Anna would have obeyed me, we wouldn't even be in this mess in the first place.

Louis began to speak.

"Now that we're situated let's get this show on the road shall we? Now we're going to play a little game. I'm going to ask Harry to pick a number between one and one hundred ten times. Each time he gets it wrong Anna here has to remove one item of clothing. When I'm done asking after ten times and she's completely naked I win the deal." He said.

I heard Anna gasp at his words.

"Now, let's get started. We don't have all night." Louis demands.

"Wait! Can she at least put her shirt back on, so we can get a fair start?" I asked.

He thinks about it for a second. "Well since I'm a fair man, fine."

He picked up her shirt and tosses it at her.

"I was just starting to enjoy the view, but I know I will see a lot more later," Louis smirked

I shot Louis a glare. "Don't you fucking dare!" I growled.

"Umm, I think you're forgetting about who's in control here Styles. Now I can make this very difficult for you and her." Louis teased.

"Now Harold, pick a number," Louis asked.

I think. "Four."

Louis chucked. "Wrong answer." He walked over to Anna and ripped off her shirt. She whimpered.

"Louis I swear, when I get out of this I will kill you!" I warned.

He laughed. "Pick a number." He said.

I stayed silent.

"If you don't pick a number I will rip her clothes off of her right in front of you. Don't test me Styles." Louis warned.

I hesitated. "Twenty," I called out. Louis smirked. "The number was twenty-one." I let out a sigh. "Guess another number," he said.

"Louis I don't wanna do this. What do you want from me, us? I'll do anything just please don't do this to her she doesn't deserve it." I begged.

He laughed. "Don't tell me you've gone soft on me styles?" He questioned.

I stayed silent.

"Wow, you really are pathetic. Well if you won't guess, I'll have Liam pick a number."

Liam's eyes widened. "Louis, I don't think-"

Louis cut him off. "Remember our deal?" Louis asked. "But-"

"Don't let me have to remind you, Liam. Now I suggest you pick." Louis warned.

Liam's body tensed. he gulped. "Three."

Louis walked over to Anna and ripped off her pants. She tried to fight but she was tied up. I looked away not wanting to see her like this. What did Louis mean about Liam's deal?

Time went on until Anna was only in her underwear.

"You get one more guess. Harry, I suggest you guess this time." Louis said. Anna looked at me her eyes still red from crying. I couldn't do this.

"Now!" Louis demanded.

I gulped. "T-Thirty..."

He began to walk over to her and Anna's face was taken over by fear.

"No, stop! I swear -" I yelled. I was cut off by the sound of a gun clicking from behind me.

"Louis, stay the fuck where you are," Liam demanded.

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