Chapter 55: Friends

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I successfully made it to school on time. I'd say that I did pretty good considering my condition. There were five minutes left until everyone would start heading to class. I grabbed my algebra book out of my locker and all of the other necessities that I would need for my first class.

"How are things with Harry?"

I turned around, a little startled at first until I realized who it was. "Oh, hey Zayn. You scared me for a second"  I breathed.  He furrowed his brows.  "Is Everything okay?" he asked

"yeah, everything's fine. Harry's doing, better." I said

He nodded. "That's good to hear. I was worried about you guys. Especially you."

It grew silent. This conversation became way more awkward faster than I thought it would. "listen, you don't have to-"

"I know things have been weird since that day between us. I meant what I said. I just think that it's not right. That's just my opinion.  Honestly, you're too good of a person to be going through something like this. I just think that you deserve better."

"Zayn," I warned. 

He held his hands up in defense. "Okay. I'll lay off. I didn't come over here to argue or throw my feelings on you," he said.  The bell rang signaling that It was time for us to go to our first class.

"Let me walk you to class." He offered. I looked at him skeptically. 

He laughed. "chill, I'm just walking you to class, not asking you to marry me. I promise those conversations are over."

I laughed. "yeah, come on before we're late." I said.  "If we're late then we already have a free pass," he said.  I looked up at him confused. He pointed his finger towards my foot. "I'm just walking a fellow handicap student to class. How do they expect you to walk fast as well, yeah?"

I rolled my eyes. "Shut up, I'm not a handicap."

I was glad that things were okay between me and Zayn. I'd love to continue to be friends with him. I wasn't ready for a relationship right now. With everything that's been going on with Harry, I just want to relax. zayn is a good guy but I'm not interested in dating him. Things would just be bad since he's my stepbrother's best friend. I don't think Harry would like that too much.

We stopped in front of my first class. Zayn and I awkwardly looked at each other. "Well I guess I'll see you around?" he said. "Yeah, definitely."

I awkwardly waved goodbye to him headed our separate ways as the final bell rand. when I walked into the class it was pretty full already. I was headed to the only empty seat in the class which was right next to Nina.

"Hey." I spoke. She looked at me and gave me a lousy "hey" and looked back down at her phone.

"Umm... what happened to you this morning? I came by to walk with you to school but your dad was acting weird." I laughed.

She stayed silent.

"Um hello? Is everything alright?" I asked.

She sighed in frustration. "Can you just... please. I don't want to talk right now!"

I was taken aback by her sudden outburst. I decided to leave her alone. Whatever she was going through she probably didn't want me involved in it. I'll keep my distance for as long as she wants me to. I'll be here when she decides to talk about it.

Pretty soon my teacher decided to start the lesson for today. I kept looking over at Nina to see if she'll talk to me but she just kept her head forward. This is weird because she's usually trying to talk to me the whole time. What is her deal today? Did I do something wrong? I have to figure this out.

The bell rang. My teacher assigned the homework and dismissed the class. Before I could even say anything to Nina she bolted out of the classroom. I decided that chasing her wasn't an option. I could barely speed walk with my condition.

I gathered my things and headed to my next class.

It seemed like the day went by pretty fast. I wasn't complaining. I was ready to head home. Usually, Nina and I would meet in front of the school and walk together but she was nowhere in sight. I hope this isn't about me not telling her what was going on sooner. I said I was sorry a thousand times.

Looks like I'm walking all by myself.

"Hey, Anna!" I turned around to see Zayn jogging towards me. "Yeah?"

"You're walking all by yourself?" He asked. I nodded. "What, Harry doesn't drive you anymore?" He asked.

"No, why?" I asked.

"Well, I can give you a ride." He offered. I shrugged. "I don't know Zayn...."

"Relax Bambi, it's just a ride home. I can't let you walk."

Well, I guess one ride wouldn't hurt. After all, a ride Is a ride.

"Okay, fine. Let's go." I said.

We walked towards his car. I revived a text from Harry.

Harry- Where are you rn?

I decided not to respond since I was on my way home. I wasn't going to tell him that I was with Zayn. He'll see me when I get home. I turned my phone off and shoved it into my back pocket.

"Is everything okay?" Zayn asked. "Yeah, Everything is fine, let's go already," I said.

We both hopped inside of his car a drove away.


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Hello everyone! I am back probably for good now. Things haven't been well in my personal life but it's getting better I promise. Hello to the new readers hi, I love you. I'll see all of your comments and demands to update so I finally kicked my own a** and updated. I hope you liked it and I'm already working on the next two chapters. I really appreciate you guys and all of your support it's means the world to me. I'm so glad that you guys like this book so much. It's my little baby. I worked rly hard on it. Thank you for everything and I apologize for the wait. Please don't hate me. I'm sorry I love you guys

-Xoxo Anna

-Xoxo Anna

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