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Chapter4: Guilty

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I felt bad about how I kicked Nina out yesterday. I felt bad about being somewhat attracted to my own stepbrother. I felt bad that I talked to David like everything is fine. I felt bad that Harry was right about what he said.

The reason I felt the worst was because I had no regrets about anything I felt or did.

I spent the last few days avoiding Harry because of that little incident we had Sunday after Nina left.
It's not like I kissed him or anything but I don't think I would be saying that for long.

Why am I letting Harry get to me like this?

"Hey, Anna why have you been avoiding me?" I heard Nina say besides me.

I turned to look at Nina giving me a concerned look. I couldn't tell her the real reason because she would think I'm gross or a weird for liking my own stepbrother. I wouldn't blame her to be honest.

"Oh I was on my period and I didn't wanna put you in a bad mood because I was in one," I said.

What? I had to lie about something.

She nodded "oh well are you okay now?" She asked. "Yeah, just a bit tired," I said. We continued to walk down the hall until I spotted Harry against a locker with a blond girl all over him, clearly throwing herself at him.

"Umm, can we walk this way instead Nina?" I begged. She looked at me confused "Why, Are you okay?" She asked. "Yeah, I just don't want to walk this way because I don't want to run into someone." Nina looked around "Who?" She asked.

"Don't worry yourself it's not a big deal." I dismissed. I noticed Harry approaching us.

Oh no.

I quickly turned around heading the other way. I heard his footsteps quicken behind us until he caught up to us. "Hey, my two favorite girls Anna and... Her friend Nanna?" Harry said while putting his arms over our shoulders.

"It's Nina" Nina corrected. "Whatever." He said. I rolled my eyes. "So where are you to ladies headed? To stalk those dorks on the soccer team?"

He laughed. Nina giggled as well.

Please go away.

"No but seriously, you guys want to skip?" He asked.

Was he serious right now?

"No, I much rather get my education and not be a high school drop out," I said. Nina disagreed with me. "Sounds like fun Harry"

"Fun? Nina are you crazy!" I questioned. She shrugged. "Why not? What's the worst that could happen?" She asked.

"Ummm I don't know you get caught and get a detention," I replied sarcastically.

"That's not so bad." Said Nina. Harry shrugged "Aww Nanna let Anna be a goody two shoes and miss out. Ha maybe her new nickname could be G.G."

"What? I am not a goody two shoes. I could be a baddy too." I exclaimed. Harry chuckled "Only good girls say that."

"Come on." Nina pleaded. "Just this once do something bad and rid yourself of that good girl image." She said.

I looked at Harry and Nina both looking at me with pleading eyes. I sighed "ugh I can't believe I'm doing this but fine I'll do it."

They both cheered. Harry patted me on the head. That's the spirit, Anna."
We walked out of the school before the first bell rang. We got in Harry's car with Nina in the passenger, me in the back and Harry driving.

We drove with all the windows down and the music turned all the way up with a "Fall out boy" song playing as loud as it could go.

The wind in my hair and on my face felt nice. This was such a rush I never felt anything like this before. I could feel the blood rushing and my heart beating faster as Harry pushed the gas further.

I never wanted this moment to end. Then I saw red and blue flashing lights in the rearview mirror.

"Pull over the car now!"

We were busted.

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