Chapter 41: Flashbacks

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"Harry your food!"

"Oh shit!"

Harry's pov

I dashed into the kitchen to be met by huge flames covering the stove.

"Oh my God! My kitchen! Someone put it out!" Carine screeched.

I looked around frantically looking for something to put the fire out with. I spotted the fire extinguisher hanging on the wall by the entrance. I quickly snatched it off the wall.

"Hurry up and put it out!" Anna screamed.

I pointed the extinguisher towards the growing fire. I shut my eyes and attacked the fire vigorously shaking the extinguisher back and forth until the fire was out. I opened my eyes and I was met with a huge white powdery mess. At least the fire was gone.

Everyone was silent. The only sound being heard was the smoke alarm in the background.

I stood still, frozen in shock about the events that just happened.

Carine finally broke the silence. "My beautiful kitchen!" She sobbed.

My father pulled up a chair under the alarm and stood up to press the button on the alarm.

I finally gained the strength to turn around. Behind me stood Anna and Carnie. Carine had bags under her eyes and a look on her face that I would never forget.

"I- Carine I'm so sorry. I swear-"

she held up her hand. "Don't apologize Harry. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes." She said. "It's okay."

It was not okay. The look on her face proved that this was not okay. She had obvious worry lines on her face. The look on her face gave me guilt beyond compare. I was truly sorry.

"Why don't we all just go to bed." My father suggested.

"Good idea." Carine agreed.

She and Anna walked away. Carine hung her head down, heading upstairs.

I looked at my dad. He was already glaring back at me.

"Dad I-"

"Save it, Harry. Ever since you showed up here you've caused nothing but hell to me and my family. I know you don't like me but? you don't have to take it out on my family! I wish your mother could have stayed alive so she could deal with you so that I wouldn't have to."

His words stabbed me like a sharp shard through my heart. This is possibly one of the worse things my father has ever said to me. Even worse than the day he left us.

(Twelve-year-old Harry)

I stood by the stairway trying my hardest not to be noticed. I woke up when I heard glass shatter downstairs and my parents arguing again.

"No please David. Don't do this to us! What about me? What about your beautiful son? Don't leave us?" My mom begged.

I think she's talking to my father. Why is she begging him not to leave? Where is he going?

"I don't care about you or that boy. I've made my decision. I don't want this. I don't want us anymore."

His words stung. He doesn't care about me? I thought.

My mother got down on her knees and grabbed his legs.

"Please David! I'm sorry. Don't go. We need you. I need you." My mother pleaded.

I wanted to do something. My dad began to walk away. She grabbed. His foot.

"David no!" She looked up at him with pleading eyes.

I wasn't prepared for the next thing he did.

He picked my mother up by her neck lifting her up in the air as if she weighed nothing. She kicked and gasped for air as he held her up.

"I said no! Why is it so fucking hard for you to understand?" He growled.

My father never put his hands on my mother when he was sober. He must have been drunk. I stood by the stairs, too scared to move. Why was he doing this?

My mother's kicking started to get slower. I balled up my fist by my sides. I ran out and began to punch my dad in his back.


I vigorously shook his back. He dropped my mother on the ground. She fell to the floor gasping for air.

I was still punching my father until he pushed me back and I hit the tall standing mirror against the wall. The glass shattered as I fell to the floor. I felt the blood run down my hand.

My vision was blurry. I heard my mother screaming. I saw my father pick up his bag and stormed out the door slamming it behind him.

My mother ran to my side screaming frantically.

"Harry! Harry baby are you okay? Harry stay with me!" She shook my body back and forth.

Then I blanked out.

End of flashback

I was breathing heavily. My face gleamed with sweat and all I could see was red. I balled my fist by my side. I have to get out of here.

I turned around and headed towards the door. I grabbed my keys off of the table. I snatched my jacket from the rack and left.

I stormed to my car. I opened my door and got in swearing out of the driveway. I began to speed down the street. I need to find a pub or something. I needed a drink.

All I could see was red.


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