Chapter 24: Compromise

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Anna's POV

I woke up to the sound of hushed voices downstairs. I slowly crept out of bed and made my way to the hallway at the top of the stairs to get a better look. I peaked downstairs to see Harry walking into the living room followed by a tall boy with black hair and slightly tanned skin.

"You got what I asked for?" I heard Harry ask him. "Yeah, it's in my trunk. Harry, are you sure you want to do this? Let's at least think about it." I heard the dark haired boy say.

What are they talking about?

"Zayn, it's the only way I can compromise with him. You know how Louis is. He always wants to have his way." Harry said.

"Plus my stepsister is in the middle of all this shit. I could get into so deep some deep ass, trouble for this by David. He'd have my balls if he found out about any of this." Harry exclaimed.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I knew Harry was going to give me away to Louis like I was nothing. How could he? It's not his decision it's mine.

"Let's at least tell your stepsister about this. I think she should at least have some sort of involvement in all of this." Zayn suggested.

"Hell no. I don't want her to know about anything. It's best if she didn't know what was going on until it's happened."

I gasped. Oh my gosh, Harry is actually going through with Louis's deal. Somehow I knew he would. Just to protect his reputation. I'm not letting this happen. In going to go talk to Louis myself and tell him that the deal is off.

I snuck back into my room and changed into my jeans, converse and a black hoodie. I walked over to my window and opened it, only to be met with the cool air rushing to my face. I grabbed onto the branch and jumped down repeating the same actions as I did the first time I snuck out. I ran over to the side of the house to retrieve my bike. I haven't ridden it in a while.

I looked into the driveway to see Harry's car still parked. Good, that means I could go to Louis's house before him. I jumped on my bike and peddled as fast as I could, remembering the way Harry drove the last time.

I finally arrived at Louis's house. I parked my bike on the side, just in case Harry came so that he wouldn't notice that I was hearing. I walk up the steps to approach the door.

My heartbeat increased rapidly. The last time I spoke to Louis was when he was on top of me at his party when he was violating me.

Wow, What the hell was I thinking, coming here?

I knocked softly on the door. The door opened to reveal a tall muscular man. His height overpowering my small, petty frame.

"Ummm L-Louis here?"

He grinned wickedly. "Yes, and what might a little girl like you be doing here, wandering off in the middle of the night? How old are you, like fifteen?"

"That's none of your business and I'm sixteen thank you very much."

He licked his lips. "Small, cute and feisty. I like it." I twisted my face in discuss.

"Look I just wanna talk to Louis alright. Is he here or not?"

He put his hands up in defense. "Look calm Down alright let me call him."

He pulled out his phone to dial Louis's number, I'm guessing.

"Hello, hey man there's a girl hear to see you, should I let her in? Yeah her name is..." he turned to look at me.

"Anna," I mumbled.

"Yeah her names Anna. Let her in? Sure." He hung up. "The boss said you could come in."

The boss what is this some sort of henchmen club, gang? I walked into the house following behind the tall muscular guy. He leads me to the sitting room.

The room was dark and gloomy and the only source of light was coming from the small fire from the fireplace.
I have to admit, it's pretty cozy in hear.

I looked up to see Louis sitting crossed leg in a chair. He looked pleased to see me which made my skin crawl. He spoke up.

"We meet again Anna. I see Harry has made the right choice this time."

This time? So Harry's talked to him before?

"No umm actually, I came here to tell you that I'm deciding what goes and I'm sorry but I- we can't accept your offer."

He hummed in response. "Well sorry to burst your bubble but I didn't compromise with you. I clearly remember offering my deal to Harry. Since he let you come alone I guess that he went with option A."

"No, I snuck out of my house to tell you that I didn't want to go on with the deal. I'm sorry but I don't want to do this." I explained.

He chuckled and looked over at the tall muscular man then back at me.

"My dear, if you haven't noticed by now you have no say so. It doesn't matter what you want." He said.

My eyes widened in surprise. "I do have a say if I'm the one who's going to be affected by all of this, either way, this goes. It's my body, my property, and my decision. I decided that I don't want to have sex with you and I'm leaving now." I started.

I stood up, heading toward the exit until I was blocked by the muscular guy.

"Move out of my way!" I tried to push him out of the way but he wouldn't budge. "I said move!"  He ignored me.

I looked back at Louis. "Tell your big stupid bodyguard to move."

He chucked. "My dear you're not going anywhere."

Fear and desperation took over my body. Why did I ever come here? I'm so stupid. I should have stayed home and listened to Harry and stayed out of this. Maybe if I wasn't so nosy I would be sound asleep safe in my bed. Harry please come and save me.

I need you

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