Chapter 23: Alliances

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Harry's POV

I drove as fast as I could to Louis's house. My grip tightened on the wheel. I can't imagine him touching her. The thought makes me sick to my stomach. The thought of anybody touching Anna beside me makes me sick to my stomach.

I want her to be mine and mine only.

As sick as that sounds. I want her untouched, pure innocence. I'm not gonna let Louis ruin her.

I pulled up into Louis's yard. I hope I ruined his grass. That bastard deserves worst than dead grass.

I hopped out of my car furiously walking up to the door and banged on it harshly.

"Louis, you sick, fuck, come to the door right now!"

I banged the door again. "Louis I fucking swear-"

The door opened revealing Liam. I was confused. "Liam, what are you doing here? Where's Louis?" I questioned.

He stepped aside." Louis was expecting you to come."

I looked at him amused.

"Hell yeah, he's expecting me. He's expecting me because he wants to screw my stepsister." I scoffed.

He walked into the house and gestured for me to follow. I looked down and noticed a gun sticking out of his pants. The sight of making me a little paranoid. I'm even more nervous because I'm not even armed.

We walked into the sitting room. Louis was sitting on the couch cross-legged giving off a smirk when his eyes met mine.

"Ah, I see you made your decision." He started.

I scoffed. "Yeah, I decided that you're not touching her you prick." I spat.

Liam stepped forward as if he was going to attack me. Louis held up his hand, signaling him to stay back. What the hell?

"What the hell is this? Liam, you're on his side?" Liam looked down.

"Yes, he's on my side. Let's just say that I gave him an offer he couldn't refuse." Louis smirked.

I looked over to Liam then Louis.

"You can't be serious? Liam you're just going to switch out on me like that? We're best mates Liam. I had your back when no one else did and you're going to take sides with this bastard?"

He remained silent.

"Well, at least I know who my real friends are," I stated.

"I didn't have a choice!" He yelled.

I shook my head at him "I can't believe you. I'm your best mate! I've always been there for you and you know that!"

Louis snapped his fingers. "Enough! Now, let's just get this show on the road people. Alex!"

I turned around to see a tall muscular man towering over me. Damn, I thought that I was tall. This guy looked like the terminator. What's this guy taking? Steroids? He shoved me over to the chair, making me stumble down into the seat.

"Alright man chill out," I warned. I felt the bulky man hold up a gun to my head. Louis started to speak.

"Now that we have everything situated I want you to know that you made a bad decision Harry. You decided way too quick. You did hear me say seventy-two hours right?"

I glared at him. "My answer is no." He hummed. "Well since I'm a nice guy and I know you don't mean that, I'm going to let you go. Come back in three days. I mean it this time Harold." Louis warned.

"My answer is fucking no!" I yelled.

I heard the gun click. "Calm down Alex, I'm going to let Harry slide for today. Now get the fuck out of my house before I have Alex here do something you wouldn't like. Alex, show Harry to the door." Louis ordered.

Alex pulled me up and pulled me down the hall to the front door. "Don't come back until the boss says so alright," Alex said.

Boss? What the fuck is this? Give praise to prick day?

I looked up at Alex and spit in his face. "Bite me you arsehole." I spat (literally)

He groaned and yanked me by my shirt collar. "Your gonna pay for that you little-"


Louis called from behind him. "Let him go alright. We'll take care of him later." He pushed me down in the grass, face first, slamming the door after.

"What the fuck!" I stood up dusting the grass of my shirt. I felt my nose drip with blood. "Bastards."

I walked over to my car and got in. Louis doesn't know what he has coming for him. I may have been defenseless today but next time I'm showing no mercy. I need someone to back me up.

I pulled out my phone to call Zayn. The screen is still cracked from when I threw it earlier. The phone rung a few times.

"Hey, Zayn."

"Yeah what's up mate? Is everything alright?"

"I need you to do me a favor."

"Yeah sure anything mate."

"Meet me at my house. Make sure you're loaded."


"Cause I have a plan."

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