Chapter 35: What Just Happened?

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Niall pov

I stood by my locker waiting for Carina to show up. We were planning on going to the mall after school today. I saw my lovely girlfriend coming to approach me.

"Hey, babe." I greeted as I pulled her in for a strong embrace. She hugged back and nuzzled her head in between the crook of my neck. She pulled away and looked up at me.

"I hope you don't mind that I invited Anna to tag along with us." She said.

I shrugged my shoulders. Of course not, she's cool." I said.

She smiled. "Aww, thx babe. You're so nice."

I grinned. "Only for you babe."

I leaned down a pecked her lips with a quick kiss. I could see her cheeks turning red from my quick action.

"Your so fucking adorable," I commented making her cheeks turn a darker shade. She hid her face inside her hands.

"Awww don't hide that pretty face from me."

She looked up and smiled. "How can I not when you say stuff like that to me?" She said.

"It's hard not to when I have the most beautiful girlfriend in the world," I replied.

"Aww, you're too good for me Niall."

I chuckled. "Likewise Miss Sanchez."

She laughed. "Okay but seriously we need to get going."

I looked around. "I thought you said Anna was coming? "

she shrugged. "She did say she was. I'll text her." She pulled out her phone and texted Anna.

"She's not replying." She said.

"Well, it's getting late. We should tell her to meet us there." Carina sent a quick text and we began walking to my car.


Anna pov

I was still cuffed to my headboard inside my bedroom, still upset with Harry. How could he just leave me like that?

I've never felt so violated in my entire life. But I gotta admit dominant Harry was kind of hot.

What am I saying?

He just spanked you, tied you up and left you, Anna. I heard a knock at my door.

"Anna! There's pizza downstairs if your hungry!" Harry called.

"I'm not hungry."

He sighed. "Look I'm trying to feed you. I said I was sorry. You brought this on yourself."

I huffed. "Oh, so that meant that you had to spank me like a child and humiliate me?"

It fell silent. "Look I just want to help you. Please listen." He begged.

"Not until you give me my phone back," I argued.

"Hell no. You apologize first or I'll come in there and make you."

I rolled my eyes. "Who do you think you are my father?"

"Judging by that fact that I'm three years older than you and Carine left me in charge I'd say I'm pretty damn close."

I scoffed. "Fuck you." I spat.

"Give me a time and a place baby." Harry mocked.

I groaned. "I really hate you right now."

He chuckled. "Well then you're really gonna hate me once I do this."

The knob twisted and the door swung open.

"What the hell Harry!"

He strides towards me. "Now what's all this talk about fuck me and you hating me?"

I gulped.

Harry disregarded his shirt a chucked it to the floor giving me a full view of his toned chest. He then climbed on the bed crawling towards me. I scrambled back until my back hit the headboard. He grabbed my legs and yanked them so that I was now laying on my back.

"Harry what are y-"

He placed his finger over my lips. "Shhh! You listen to me."

I couldn't breathe. My heart was practically beating out of my chest. I felt like I was going melt into my bed. That's the effect Harry had on me.

He then trailed his hands under my shirt and lightly squeezed my breast.

"Harry please."

He smirked. "Please what?" He teased. "P-please let me go. I- this is so wrong."

I know what your thinking. Why am I letting Harry do this to me? I could just scream for help. I was under his control like always. No matter how many times I said no, I still wanted his touch. I craved it more than anything. Does this make me stupid and crazy to fall back into his trap? I told you. We have this cycle that never ends. Our infinity (*smirks*)

He leaned down and whispered in my ear. "If you want me to stop tell me that you were wrong and that you'll never do anything out of line again and that I'm in charge."

I scoffed. "Why would I do that when you were clearly in the wrong?" I questioned.

"Because right now I'm the one who's clearly in control and you and I both know that you really want me to stop."

He argued.

The truth was I really didn't.

"Now say it." He demanded. I shook my head no.

"Fine. I guess you'll stay tied up then." He said

He smirked and stood up from my bed. I gasped and looked at him bewilderedly. I felt my cheeks flush.

"No, wait. I'm sorry. You're in charge okay!"

He chuckled and pulled his shirt back over his head. He walked over and untied me. He keeps looking at me and laughing.

"What!" I snapped.

"Nothing its just that you look so pure and innocent with you face all flushed like that. I barely touched you and you're out of breath. I'd like to see you face when I do anything real to you. "

I gasped. His words taking me by surprise.

He laughed at my reaction. "Well, there's still pizza downstairs if you're hungry." He left, closing my door behind him.

I let out a breath that I didn't realize I was holding. I placed my hand over my heart. It was beating a thousand times per second.

Woah. What just happened?


So that just happened.

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